Day 59: Suck on my smoothie!

26 08 2011

Hey everyone.

I was struggling to find a title for my blog this evening. Jeremy just made me a nice berry banana smoothie for dessert, so he suggested I call it “suck on my smootie”…bloody weirdo!

Today was a very full on day for me. I woke up not feeling the best and my body felt extremely tired and over worked so I did not go to the sculpt gym class this morning. My dad gave me a bit of a lecture last night about making sure I look after my body, so I decided to take his advice and let my body rest for the morning.

My day started off with a bang and I got straight in to our orders etc and getting all our administration side of things sorted. I also got a lot of help from dad for my assignment due on Monday next week. I had a full on 2 hour lesson on drawing plans, sections, elevations and details.

So this pretty much occupied my whole entire day and before I knew it, it was 7.45pm and I needed to get from Onehunga to Lincoln, Massey in 25 minutes. I literally sped to the other side of Auckland, raced into the indoor car park and sprinted to court number 2… and unfortunately I was 30 seconds late, so had to miss out on the first quarter.

But the next three quarters were good and we ended up winning our game by 6 goals. The game ended and it was already 9pm so a bit late to get to the gym but I had a better idea. I decided to jump on to one of the unused indoor courts and did shuttles runs, shuttle lunges and shuttle squats and some tummy exercises. I did this for about half an hour, and was happy with my initiative!

I showered, had my dinner and now am off to bed.

Nyties everyone. Love J.L





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