Day 60 & 61: My Body has lost full function.

27 08 2011

Hi Guys.

First I apologise for having left yesterdays blog until today. My plan was to start writing at about 9pm except we had a surprise visitor plus a meeting an evening meeting for Jeremy’s band so we didn’t end up getting home until 12.30am at which point I was absolutely exhausted and went straight to lala land.

Yesterday I was able to get a bit of work done for our new business and I also got a bit of school work done as well. I am quite behind with my uni work so I am making the most of this weekend to get back on track.

Through out the whole day I had a headache, had on and off nausea and still had light headedness…now I know that this is definitely caused by those caffeine pills that I have been taking and I am no longer going back on them. I think my body was shutting down and it was almost like I was having withdrawals for not having taken the pill for the last 5 days. I have also found my thinking capacity and being able to concentrate for long periods of time has just diminished and I feel almost a bit distant from everything. It is the weirdest feeling, very scary actually so I am trying my best to just take one thing at a time, and getting myself on the mend.

So many people have commented about these pills and I thank you for all your support and looking out for me. Yesterday I wasn’t well enough to venture out to the gym so I did my workout in Jeremy’s garage as he recently got a bench press and he already has dumbbell weight and bar weights. I tried to complete about half an hour of different back, chest, bicep, tricep and shoulder exercises in time to music so it was almost like a flex class. It was really good actually and I enjoyed my session so much that I continued this routine and repeated it for todays workout.

So I did all upper body, a few squats and lunges and some tummy work the last couple of days. Today I have felt a lot better than the last two days so I am going to pick myself up and head in to the gym for a run and lower body workout for tomorrow. If anyone is reading this and you know my mobile number or are a friend of mine on face book please remind me and encourage me to get to the gym tomorrow afternoon.

Today I also dropped Jeremy to his rugby game and then met up with my cousins for about an hour to catchup. When I raced back to the game it was over and I missed my boy’s try. It was his first game and I’ve never seen him play before so I was guttered that I missed it. What a lousy fiance I am! We are now on our way to meet up with my brother for our weekly Board Meeting! Sounds so professional, but our business is really steaming ahead and we need to make sure that we are on top of everything and have all paper work completed and everything in working order!

Also have our family meeting tonight at Tavita’s Dojo, it will be good to see some of the family, as it has been a while. Tonight I will be working on catching up on some study, and will prob watch the All Black game.

I apologise that this post is a bit boring and that I combined two days into one post. I hate doing that, but as I said before I haven’t really been on top of my game the last couple of weeks, so will be relying on all my family and friends for their support to help pick me up. I look forward to an intense workout tomorrow.

Love you all






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