Day 62: Jeremy’s Taken Over!!!

28 08 2011

Talofalava peeps!

Its me jeremy taking over my baby girls blog today, Juanita has found her self in a pretty awesome study buzz, Which is why im writing her blog today. If you know Juanita you would know that she has a habit of leaving things for the last minute , past few days all we seem to be thinking about is our business which is great but in that time juanita has let all her assignments stack up, and now she has few assignments due tomorrow.(nice one baby). Thank God shes on roll today smashing her assignments left right and centre!

I thought I would write her blog and let her carry on with her study.

So in today’s Blog i will give a inside feed on how Juanita is really doing! 62 days ago juanita decide to do a blog to motivate her self to lose weight, at first i was like “ummmm huni???”but the more we talked about it, the more i understood where she was coming from. Once Juanita started she never took a step back and i find my self 62 days later very proud of how far she’s come. Juanita hasn’t had best luck with her health, the old juanita would have let the pain win, and stoped her from getting to the gym. Now that she has started this blog its like shes got new energy, no matter how much pain shes in she doesn’t let it get to her, and it seems to be working. Now juanita is running longer,jumping higher, her speed has improved  and to top it off she is incredibly All i can say is Maria tutaia watch out! Juanita is very strong minded and this is the key for Juanita’s success, if you have the will power you can knock any wall down no matter how hard it may be! So peeps sorry im not much of a writer like Juanita but i thought ill try help her out!


i wish i could of explained all this with pictures!


Love Jeremy

xx (haha i’m pretty sure this is what she does at the end of each post?)




One response

28 08 2011
Mallory Ropati

Malo Jeremy! Nice one, ha ha. Go Juani, love that study buzz, combine that with your health kick and you are unstoppable, get me a ticket on board that train please, so incredibly proud of you – go girl! X

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