Day 63: Back on the wagon and I’m A—OK!

29 08 2011

Hey guys.

So I’m feeling so much better, a lot more refreshed, no more headaches or nausea and fully ready to hit back as strong as ever. I now know not to do anything stupid like revert to caffeine pills or fill my body with unnecessary chemicals for a quicker fix. I have learnt my lesson and have actually had some really good suggestions from friends about natural products that do the same thing with out the side affects.

After my power surge of study yesterday I felt very accomplished so woke up with a good mind frame and when I got home I was ready to hit the gym. I went to the gym at 2.45pm today nice and early to hit the quiet period, so I pretty much had the entire gym to myself. I started off with my 20 minute cardio routine on the bike and was so amazed at my effort. My highest ride so far has been 10.4km in 20minutes which I might add I achieved while I was on that pill but today I hit 10.65km in 20 minutes. I was so determined to beat my last ride and to prove that I didn’t need those pills…and that’s exactly what happened!

After my cardio bike ride I stretched for a couple of minutes before continuing on to the lower weights gym for some back work. I did the lat pull down, peck deck flys (adjusted to both exercises working the back and chest) and the seated row machine. I did each of these four exercises for 25 repetitions and 3 sets. I then headed to the ladies gym to do my tummy exercises for the day. Once again I used the swiss ball to work my upper abdominals and obliques. I did 3 exercises for 20 repetitions and 3 sets.


That was me done for the day. I finished up in the sauna for 15 minutes and enjoyed my cold protein shake on the drive home. Jeremy and I then made our way to Onehunga for Monday night netball, which I am no longer involved in. I have done a bit of study, a bit of business work and cooked chicken and rice casarole. Mum decided to make a yummy apple pie for dessert of which i had a tiny slither with a bit of low fat icecream.

I’m now ready for bed. I have my weigh in tomorrow and not sure how that will go as I haven’t been at my usually routine this last week due to my sickness so I will be happy with being the exact same weight. Oh well we’ll see what happens tomorrow.

Love J.L





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