Day 64: Feeling motivated!

30 08 2011

Hey everyone.

So its that time of night, I usually write my blog before I go to bed.

Today was a busy day but I feel like I accomplished everything I needed to do, which I find is the best feeling ever! I caught a ride with dad, jarna and jeremy in to town. But we were there at 8am and my class didn’t start until 9am so I twisted dads finger into joining me at the cafe near by for a morning hot beverage. I enjoyed a hot cup of trim hot chocolate!

I then made my to class and right from 9am through to 1.30pm without a break worked on my spatial computing assignment. I can’t believe I managed to concentrate for that long. I met up with Jarna and Jeremy and we bused back home. While at home I managed to complete a lot of our business side of things, and before I knew it, it was 5pm and I had completed everything on my to do list, and rushed out to West Auckland to hit the gym and play indoor.

I got to the gym and just did a quick 10 minute warmup on the bike, then headed to the ladies gym for some tricep and bicep work with the dumbbells. The 6.30pm zumba class was just about ready to start when I had finished my arm workout so decided for fun to dance my way to a zumba body. The instructor was awesome. She had great music, awesome routines that really got my heart pumping, and the light were turned off and disco lights turned on which made way for even more enthusiastic dancing. I must admit the mirros were a bit off putting because I could see myself the whole time and couldn’t stop laughing at how ridiculous I looked.

So after the one hour zumba class I was once again sweating like mad and was in need for a protein shake. I scoffed that down so quick and drove straight to indoor netball. Tonight’s game wasn’t that hard at all we actually won by about 35 points, but our shooting was all on which made the difference. So after netball we came home, showered up and continued with our routine of dinner while watching friends, shortland street and Keeping up with the Kardashians.

By the way did anyone watch Keeping up?? OMG Borabora island looks simply amazing! I now know where I want my wedding to be…it looked like what heaven would be like… just such a fabulous place.

Anyway I feel as if I had a good workout today. I feel motivated for this coming week. I feel pumped to continue working hard in my fitness, eating, schooling and business. Now it’s time for bed but before that my weigh in…. Unfortunately this week I am the same weight. I think it would prob have to do with last week’s poor attempt to exercise and eat well, plus not feeling 100% well and stopping with those caffeine pills. Oh well more room for improvement I guess and this territory comes with all the ups and downs!


Time for bed now Love J.L





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