Week 10,Day 65: Compliments all round!

31 08 2011

Hey guys!

Decided to go to the gym during the day while it’s quiet so I had the whole gym to myself which was awesome!

First of all this week I seem to have attracted a few compliments. First Jeremy’s sisters Norah and Mary complimented me on my weight loss and how much of a difference they can see which mad me really happy. And then today at the gym one of the receptionists told me she’s been watching me come in a lot and was commending me for the hard work and also said she notice a more flatter tummy and smaller waist which put a massive smile on my face. Then this afternoon Jeremy said to me, that he hasn’t said this in a while but that I am looking good and he definitely notices a massive difference especially when he sees all our old photos. My cousin Va and Aunty Niva were also complimenting me in the weekend so thank you everyone for your kind words of encouragement and acknowledging the hard work, it means a lot that people are really noticing!

I started off with a 2 minute brisk walk on the treadmill and really felt my left knee playing up. It was actually quite sore, but I decided to try running on it. Well i only lasted 6 minutes before I really had to stop, I was in such pain. So I stretched out a bit and tried to get going again but running was too sore so I decided to get on the bike.

My knee was still really funny on the bike but no way near as painful so I stuck it out for 20 minutes. I did my usually interval training for 20 minutes and when I had finished the screen read 10.55km! Im happy with that! I kept my breathing under control which was good and the fans blowing in my face really helped my problem of excessive sweating!

I made sure to stretch a little more after the bike ride. Apparently you can never stretch too much which is why I am thinking of going to the ESSENTRICS class on Sunday afternoon. Its a full on stretching class almost like yoga and pilates put together. I have never tried it but always willing to give something a go. After my stretch I headed over to the ladies gym and did something a little different today. This part of the gym was empty so I decided to set up a little circuit for myself. All upper body exercises with dumbbell weights!

This is how it went…

Exercise 1:  15 repetitions for each arm – of 10 kg dumbbell – one armed rows

Exercise 2:  5 repetitions for each arm – of 4 kg dumbbell – straight arm raises to the side and front

Exercise 3:  15 repetitions both arms together – of 5 kg dumbbell – bicep curls into  shoulder raises

Exercise 4:  15 repetitions both arms together – of 8 kg dumbbell – 2 arm tricep extensions

Exercise 5:  15 repetitions on the bench – tricep dips

I repeated this circuit 3 times and felt well worked once completed!!

I then went on to some tummy exercises and did 20 repetitions, 3 sets of normal crunches on the ab cruncher machine. Then I did 20 repetitions, 3 sets of side crunches on each side.

After this I stretched, enjoyed a free sculpt shake from the lovely ladies at the gym reception and then headed home for some study and work. So far the business is really steaming on ahead and I am trying to make sure I am keeping on top of it all so that it doesn’t all pile up on me later. We are also working on a new website which is super duper exciting!

This evening I was invited by Norah to come to their life group session at the church at 7pm. So I went along and actually learnt a lot. I was really happy that I went as I tend to ignore, or put aside any sort of spiritual activites, so I was really happy with my decision to attend. And after the session I just felt….happy. The best way I can describe the feeling, is like when you have a hard workout and then at the end you can relax in the sauna for that 15 minutes afterwards and just enjoy that time to yourself, the heat, and relaxation…yea that’s exactly how it felt!

And on the way home I stopped for one of those Weight watchers wraps from McDonalds for dins.

That’s all for tonight I have an appointment with my surgeon tomorrow about my shin pains and my new knee pains??? See ya’ll tomorrow evening!

Love J.L





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