Day 70: I fell.But with some help have managed to get up!

5 09 2011

Hey friends!

So I haven’t written since Thursday and to be totally honest it’s been really weird. You know that feeling where you think you’ve forgotten something, or your day isn’t complete until you’ve finished off a little weird routine you have? That’s pretty much what it’s been like, and it’s only been 3 days… shows just how much I need this blog and just how much I need the support of my readers I guess.

I gave myself this time off because I feel like I needed to mourn…I really do feel like I have lost something and in a way I have.

I needed to give myself time to realize that things are going to be much harder, time to realize I am going to have to step it up that much more and time to realize that sometimes life likes to throw you lemons and even though they’re sour, you can reach for your friends salt and tequila and munch the shit out of them.

So after that perfect analogy this is how I have decided to attack my 365 day weight loss journey now. I am going to grab on to all the support surrounding me, I am going to be creative about my workouts and food plan and am going to full blow charge at this biarch. I am going to grab the bull by the horns and continue my blog, just in a different way.

So because I can no longer use the treadmill,cross trainer, bike or rower or any of the lower body weight machines I am sadly going to have to leave Club Physical. But but but…. I have decided to join the West Wave Aquatic Centre. Basically they have a 50 meter pool with lots of aqua jogging gear, spa pools, sauna, steam room, and they have a gym that I can use for my upper body and tummy workouts and the best thing of all is this is Jeremy’s gym so we can workout and aqua jog together!!!

So my plan of attack is as follows:

Next week I will be starting a 12 week nutrition course, which is basically an hour class each week going over good healthy foods, how to eat and what to eat. I am really excited about this as I think my main focus will now be on my food. So now instead of being mega obsessed with the gym I can be mega obsessed  with my food. Who knows I might even start cooking? Healthy dinners, desserts and snacks? I guess I could take pictures and post them up etc…

As mentioned before I will start aqua jogging, and continue with upper body and tummy workouts. So here is my exercise plan….

I will be aqua jogging and tummy exercising every second day which will be Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday and I will do upper body and tummy gym workouts on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. So for the aqua jogging my plan is to go hard for 20 seconds and rest of 10 seconds then continue this for exactly 20 minutes. Apparently aqua jogging is one of the best forms of cardio for weight loss anyway so I am happy about that!


So this is my new plan, I guess it’s kind of like a new chapter. And my friend said that it has kind of brought a twist to my story so will be interesting to see how this all goes and how well I can maintain this program. Thank you for all your kind messages of support and encouragement to keep on going. I will still be weighing in every tuesday and doing monthly measurements.


Love J.L


P.s: Jeremy and I are planning our engagement party to host during the early summer months so this will be a perfect way for me to try and look good and continue getting in to shape for this special occasion.





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