Week 10: Day 71: First day of Aqua jogging!

6 09 2011

Hi everyone,

Yesterday I sadly had to make the call to my Club Physical gym and cancel my gym membership fee, it didn’t feel good at all! But on the brighter side I went into the West Wave Aquatic Centre to ask about membership fees etc and they are Mega cheap and have so many different aqua classes available. So looks like il be saving money by jumping in to the pool every second day!

This evening while Jeremy was at Rugby training I decided it would be the perfect opportunity to test the waters (literally) and give this aqua jogging a bit of a go. My sports physician recommended only 20 minutes to begin with and working in intervals, so 20 seconds intense, 10 seconds slow etc and continuing this for 20 minutes.

So I arrived at the pools and got changed into my togs, yes the navy blue speedo ones with the cris-crossed straps and gapping whole as a back! I glanced at the mirror on the way out to the pool and boy did I look like a whale! I did not feel good at all! But as I got to the aqua jogging square of the pool there seemed to be people of all shapes and sizes and ages. Bumps and humps and lumps and what not. So this made me feel a little better. So I grabbed the floaty belt and put it on and made my way down the ladder into the deep.

Turns out I am a pretty fast aqua jogger, I mean I was zooming ahead of all those 70+’s! haha (you’ll find my jokes get very dry!) I did the interval aqua jog as mentioned above and it did get the heart beat up. My knee was a bit sore but I’m hoping that this is because my knee is not used to this type of movement yet and just needs to adjust.

I then spent the last 10 minutes in the sauna with some gross old men joking about some gross stuff. I only caught the end of the conversation but didn’t sound too pleasant coming from some old nasty men. ewwww sleeze bags! I showered up and then picked Jeremy up on the way home.

I’m excited for the chicken curry and rice we have for dinner and for the episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians! Woooooh I hope Rob gets into Chris I hate that guy, he’s such an idiot. Anyway my overview for today’s exercise is ok. It feels weird doing cardio without sweating like a pig, it feels weird being in the pool instead of on a bike or treadmill, and it feels weird being around people I don’t know, but it is just the beginning and I have many people that have promised to join me in the pool soon. Beware to those people, I have not forgotten and will be calling you shortly!


By the way I put on 0.4 kgs this week…not my finest moment but I’m just going to have to work a lot harder!

Love J.L





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