Day 72: What muscle did I exercise today?

7 09 2011

Hey guys!

So today was a quiet day for me at home with Jeremy. I had a bit of work to catch up on for uni and have a busy day tomorrow so decided to make the most of me time. Hence this short blog tonight.

I enjoyed a nice berry smoothie for breakfast this morning followed by a chicken curry with rice for lunch. During the day I watched about 8 episodes of Jersey Shore to get me up to date and in the zone for tonight’s season 4’s episode 1 in Italy. Because I am female and can multitask I managed to sit in front of tv and put together some of my research for my uni work while watching my programs.

The only other thing I did all day was do tonight’s dinner shopping. I made a chicken casserole, and if you’re wondering why I seem to make this a lot, it is because I can only make 2 meals. The chicken casserole dish and spaghetti bolognese!  I also helped Jeremy babysit his nephew tonight as his family all went to the Opening Ceremony Dress Rehearsal. To be honest I’m not much of a kid person, children seem to hate me and I don’t really like them that much back. But tonight Arie was actually pretty good, no tears, no tantrums and he ate all his dinner and then was picked up at 8.30pm. Just in time for our Jersey shore show!!

So to answer my question above “what muscle did I exercise today”?? It would have to be my mouth, because I didn’t exercise at all today. I haven’t finalized my membership at the aquatic centre so don’t have access to the gym just yet, and I decided earlier that the pool was going to be for every second day, so I didn’t swim today, because tomorrow is another session for pool jogging. Plus after last night’s session my knees were a little sore, so today was a perfect excuse to let them rest a bit. I don’t want to over do it right at this beginning point. I would rather ease my way in to it!

Ok so I’m about ready for bed now. I have a busy day ahead of me tomorrow so am going to make sure I get enough rest.

Love to you  all. J.L





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