Day 74: The most amazing Opening Ceremony!!!

10 09 2011

Hi guys.

First I apologize for my mental breakdown yesterday. I seem  to have too many of those lately. I will try my best from now on to control my mentalness!

So as I mentioned yesterday, I was going to rest today and just enjoy the hype of the Rugby World Cup Opening. And that’s exactly what I did! I woke up this morning and Jeremy announced that I was going to get my lashes and eye brows done today. So after our berry smoothies he drove me to Mona’s Beauty and I got my eye brows threaded and eye lash extensions to pretty myself up for tonights events.

We then had a mean cajun chicken salad at Norah’s house. Norah and Mary (Jeremy’s sisters) were in the Opening Ceremony Choir so I did Norah’s makeup and my own before heading home to meet mum. We got out gear ready, our flags, our painted faces and black nail polish all done before dad dropped us into Mt Eden. Of course I am on crutches but with such a big event I wasn’t going to let my stupid legs get in the way. We got dropped off at a bar and enjoyed an Amstel Light beer to get me in the mood!

After our drinkies we walked up to the stadium and were met by many of the rugby fans heading in for the Opening Ceremony. The coolest thing was the tongan parade in front of Eden Park with the marching band. They were all dressed in red and white and marching to the drums etc. And then once the got just in front of where we were standing the boys stopped and did the Tongan haka, and then they moved on further down the street. It was really cool to see so many people supporting their favourite countries.

There were people dressed from head to toe in tight and bright gear. It was the most perfect atmosphere. Everyone was well behaved and just on such a good buzz. So we got through the gates, bought a few drinks and headed to out seats. We were in the North stand pretty much in the middle and down the front. We were very much in the action, as we were seated so close!

Then the beginnings of the Opening Ceremony began and everyone in the crowd was told that we needed to flash our phones to begin the count down to the ceremony. It was the most fantastic thing ever, being a part of the celebrations. The whole 20 minutes of the Ceremony was absolutely amazing! The lighting through to the costumes and the props, through to the music etc was just fabulous. I started crying because it was so good!!! And because we were seated so close I even saw Norah and Mary!

We were seated around a lot of Tongan supporters which was funny as they were very vocal especially when Tonga managed that try. But over all it was such a fantastic experience and I was so lucky to have been able to go. I’m still on a massive buzz, I can just imagine how the viaduct area would have been like tonight. ahhhhh wish I was there too. But im at home now and just can’t wait until the Samoa and Fiji game.

See you guys tomorrow, more pictures from tonight up then!

Love J.L





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