Day 75: Sports filled day!!

10 09 2011

Hi guys!

A slow day today, nothing exciting happened as such hence my short blog.

Woke up this morning to a phone call from Jeremy. I slept at my parents place last night and had planned with Jeremy for him to come round about 10am? Apparently I was so fast asleep that I didn’t hear him banging down the door to let him in. So after 20 minutes of knocking he called my I strapped his shoulder for his game and then we headed out together to Aorere Park.

It was such a nice and sunny day today so I made the most of the sun and grabbed my netball blanky and laid it out on the sideline to watch Jeremy’s game. Although their team got a proper beating Jeremy still got player of the day. We then headed back out west to watch the replay of the Opening Ceremony on t.v before the Warriors game.

At the moment it’s half time and the Warriors are down 18-0! Hopefully they can come back in this next half!!!

Anyway that was pretty much my day. I was able to walk a bit better today and didn’t need my crutches so much. I think the main thing for me at the moment is lots of rest and lots of patience and keeping the rest of my body healthy.

Tomorrow is the Wedding Show at the sky tower and I’m contemplating going with my mum…not too sure yet but would be a good mother daughter day to follow our amazing mother daughter evening last night at the Opening Ceremony. I’ll keep in touch with you guys tomorrow.

Love J.L





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