Day 76: Slow tortoise Sunday!

11 09 2011

Hi guys

I was just flicking through my last few posts and they seem so bleugh!

I’ve been extremely boring lately since my exercise routine has come to a hault. So tomorrow starting the new week I am going to put much more effort in to making my posts look a little more lively. And tomorrow is my grandpa’s 79th birthday dinner so I can post up a picture of my cute palagi looking grandparents!

Jeremy and I didn’t end up sleeping until 2 am this morning. Sadly one of his aunty’s passed away last night, so we sat up talking about different things to keep his mind off his family loss. We talked for ages and ages! You know how at the very beginning of a relationship when everything is brand new and you spend hours on the phone every night talking and talking away to your new boyfriend? Well it was exactly like that except we were talking face to face. I felt like a 17 year old again!

We talked about ideas for our engagement party, and talked about our electronics importing business as our next shipment is due in another 9 days and the ordering of our next shipment is also taking place in 9 days. We talked about a whole lot of things and ended up falling asleep around 2 am. So we woke up a bit dazed this morning and quickly showered up for church at 10 am. Today’s weather was so weird! It was cloudy, stormy, rainy and windy. So the opposite of yesterday’s weather! And apparently there was a bloody tornado in Avondale? Scary…..

Church was good and short. The themed question today was what sort of house would you build for yourself spiritually? Quite interesting. Got us thinking. I struggled a bit today as it was predominantly in Samoan of which I understand zilch. But I got the gist of it all. We came home to a nice curry and rice dish made by Jeremy’s mum and then spent the rest of the afternoon doing school work.

I decided that giving my legs a rest didn’t mean I had to give my stomach a rest so Jeremy and I did some good tummy exercises together in the lounge. It wasn’t like an intense 1 hour workout but at least it was something. Also on Grabone today they had a special $10 for two people for a 2 hour Wedding Planning Workshop. Apparently they go over venues, suppliers, products, contracts, budgets, family conflicts etc. So should be interesting and it was such a good price too so I bought it!

Oh well that’s all for today. Sorry another short and sweet post with out any colour. But I will make up for it tomorrow!

Lots of Love J.L





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