Week 11:Day 77/78: Happy 79th Birthday Papa!

13 09 2011

Hello hello world!

Last night I had a battle with our internet and it was down from about 8pm through til this morning. I have only just been able to check my emails and facebook, and all though it has only been about 16 hours, I feel as though it has been a few days. Crazy how I rely so much on internet and all things technical!!

So again the weather has been an absolute shocker. Heavy ass rain pour and gusterly winds?? Bloody hell I though winter was finally over?? I caught the bus in to town yesterday morning and was waiting at the bus stop, for the bus that was running “oh only about 15minutes late!” ( I know we just don’t have the infrastructure for an amazing public transport system, but does it really excuse us from being this shit?) Meanwhile the heavens thought they would bless the earth with not just a drizzle but a full out down pour,combined with some amazingly brawny winds and standing under a bus shelter with no walls meant that I was drenched from head to toe, I just didn’t look this sexy.

This was possibly the most uncomfortable bus ride ever. At least my walk down to Elliott Street was a little better, no rain no wind. But as I entered through to the Atrium on Elliott for a few sketches and research for a uni project, there was a massive bang and when I turned around, one of the stair cases in mid city had collapsed and there was a rush of policemen, camera men and ambulance to take away the 3 injured people. Wow it was so close!! I hope those people are ok!

I then met up with Jeremy to bus back to my house. We chilled out for a bit before our evening dinner at Grandma’s for grandpa’s 79th birthday. We were welcomed by a mixed aroma of roast chicken, roast potato, roast pumpkin, and roast kumara….divine!! We ate away, sipped on my one glass of wine, and then had steamed syrup pudding with custard and a dollop of icecream for dessert. I was more than satisfied after last night’s dinner.

Here was a quick picture of my grandparents together last night. We ended up getting grandpa a new mobile phone for his birthday.Now all we need to do is teach him how to text!

We then came home to watch T.K and Roimata, Callum and Jill’s dramatic relationships unwind on Shorty followed by a pregnant Rachel, and newly Wed Monica on Friends. This morning after waking I sat down to have breakfast while watching a NZ film “A piece of my heart”. I tell you that movie is a definite tear jerker. It was really moving, kind of put me off babies even more though.lol

Other than that I have kept inside out of this horrid stormy weather and have concentrated on getting my school work done, paying my parking fines, getting my blog up to date, buying baby gifts online for Sarah’s baby shower and processing our next shipment of orders. phew that was a bit of a mouth full. I was also just having a little read over an article about a girl that had lost  58 kgs without starving herself or slaving away at the gym for hours on end. Apparently she used a fat fighting method with Body Trim Plus. And a free trial isbeing offered in NZ so I may take this up as I am unable to exercise as much as I used to and am definitely still wanting to lose weight with out being on some mad diet!

Might look into that a bit more. I had to weigh myself on a different set of scales today. So my reading may be a little inaccurate but it read 0.5 kgs down so not too sure what to make of that. I have been around this same weight for a while now, and am really wanting to boost my weight loss. So watch out for tomorrow’s blog I may have some ideas up my sleeve. My swimming wont be starting until next week. I am giving my legs a good and well needed break from anything and everything.

See you tomorrow.

Love J.L





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