Day 79: Some good news at last!!!

14 09 2011

Talofa Lava,

Hey peeps today was a good day. I woke up this morning and did a bit of school work, so gradually just getting back on track with everything. I had a nice breakfast with mum and dad. I had an appointment booked today with my new physio at 1.30pm but I really wanted to head down to the water font in town for the celebrations of the Manu Samoa first game against Namibia.

Sadly I chose to go to the physio to get my health sorted. So I drove out with mum all the way in to Swanson. The physio did a few tests to see exactly what is going on these knees of mine. This was the verdict… So apparently its all to do with the biomechanics of my body. My butt muscles and my inner knee muscles are weak so my outer thigh muscles and front shin muscles are working double time to compensate for my other muscles that have decided not to work.

So I have been given three exercises to do every single day for the next 12 weeks to strengthen my butt and knee muscles. So for the next 12 weeks I am still restricted to aqua jogging and swimming, no running or jogging what so ever, BUT… the physio reckons that after the 12 weeks I can start on a rehabilitation program to start running for a few months and then maybe after 6 months I may be able to get back in to netball again.

So I needed to do lots of stretching and strengthening exercises, obviously not to this extent….but you get the gist.

This is possibly the best news I have had for a few months so I was really excited and celebrated with a berry smoothie tonight for dessert!!!! So I also watched the Samoa vs Namibia game which we won of course!!! Wooooohooooo GO THE MANU!!!! I then did a lot of study this afternoon and then had a nice healthy stir fry with rice while catching up on my favourite programs. It is now time to sleep and I am extra excited about going to buy some swimming gear tomorrow afternoon.

Love love love J.L





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