Day 80: Busy Busy Busy!!!

15 09 2011

Hey guys. Wow what I day!

I tell you this is basically the first time I have been able to sit down and relax after such an eventful day.

This morning we were up around 9 am so got a good lie in, and while Jeremy went off with his sister Mary to get her full license, which she passed….YAY!!!, i decided to do a bit of tidy up, make myself a nice berry smoothie for breakfast and get in to a bit of work. I am really happy with how things are looking at the moment, with our orders etc, I didn’t imagine it to be at all this good so quickly.

After that I got in to a bit of school work and then went with Jeremy to get some bank stuff sorted. Well that was a bit of a rig ma roll in itself, back and forth getting things printed, filling out forms etc. Then I went to the pharmacy to get my passport photos done because my passport needs to be renewed again. The last time I had it renewed was for my big Gap Year trip over to England….(oh the memories!!)

Moving on… My brother then also wanted help sorting out his bank stuff so I did this process all over again, printing out forms, going into the bank, making more appointments etc etc… Should I not be charging for these services?? We then managed a quick brek for lunch by this time it was already 4pm. And sadly we chose to go to KFC. Hello Country Fried Drumstick…my it has been such a long time! We chowed that down in a flash before heading home to shower up and get ready for the family service for Jeremy’s aunty who just recently passed away.

The service started at 6.30pm and we were all out the back getting everything organised for the supper after the service. So basically lots of cake cutting, arranging of sandwiches on platters, tea and coffee making etc. As you may know if you are reading and you are Samoan, family services usually take quite a while and there is always a tonne of food (no joke)! So when I say we were at the back helping out in the kitchen, imagine something very hectic, lots of stressful people, and plates, cups and food flying around everywhere. It as actually a good experience though, because I never really have to do any of this kind of stuff. And because we are at a Samoan funeral, all the older aunties are yelling away and ordering you about in Samoan…so good practice for me, I’m pretty sure I learnt a few more words to add to my limited vocabulary of the Samoan Language!!!

Jeremy’s church band also did an item, and it was beautiful. It sounded very sweet and harmonious. My boy played his drums good! One thing I really like about Jeremy is his drum playing… for some reason I find this highly attractive! Anyway after the chaos of people coming and going, food being served and taken away, plates being made up for Faifeau’s etc we finally got away at 10.45pm and drove all the way back to Massey. I am extremely tired after a long day and am surprised that my legs aren’t sore after all this walking and standing around. I guess they are getting better. I haven’t done my strengthening exercises yet though so will do them now before bed.

I also didn’t get time to buy any swimming gear and am kinda broke this week so may save it until next pay day! Anyway will see you guys again tomorrow. Lots of Love J.L





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