Day 82: April Ieremia loses it!!!

17 09 2011

Hey guys.

So have read about 4 pages in the manual of this new body trim weight loss guide book and there is a whole reference guide so thick, 3 dvds and 2 cds to listen to and an online help guide that I need to sign up to so thought I would leave that until tonight to get into. So sorry I don’t have to much to give you at this point.

However i have been reading up a bit on April Ieremia’s weight loss journey in the nz women’s weekly, and it is always really interesting to see how other people are shedding the kilos, and keeping tabs on how well they are doing, so I decided to dedicate todays blog to good ole Samoan kiwi born April. I figure we actually have a bit in common:

1. She’s part samoan

2. She’s a netballer

3. She has been battling weight for a while and is trying to drop a few kilo’s at the moment

4. Plus she’s pretty!! lol


So after 4 months of blood,sweat and tears the former Silver Fern and self-confessed “fat-girl” has reached the target she so desperately wanted to get to. She’s lost 18kg putting her on track to achieve her goal to be 70kg by December. After publicly admitting that her weight had soared to 100.6kg she began her Herculean challenge. And her favourite reward so far?? Her Wardrobe…” Im still not fitting the clothes I wore when i got married 10 years ago – which is the ultimate goal- but I’m the next size down.

Losing 18kg hasn’t come without it’s problems. ‘It’s tough on the body but even tougher on the mind. I have to exercise in the morning because if I leave it to the afternoon it just wont happen. So I get up at 5.30am, do what I have to do, then by 7am I’m done until Bikram yoga in the evening.” April’s mum Edith has been a huge support, and does her washing everyday so that that she always has training gear. Although April has always been energetic, she’s enjoying a whole new lease on life now she’s happier with her body.

The tv favourite is still brutally honest with herself now. “I haven’t finished. There’s no inspiration writing a weight loss column if you don’t get to your goal. It’s hard saying I’m fat, but I did it and I’m not about to shirk the responsibility to myself or the people who are losing weight with me. I’ll keep going because I’m determined to be in that bikini by December.”

So there it is…and to be honest with you all, I share the exact same opinions as April when it comes to writing this weight loss blog. I have been through the wars a bit but I am not going to let that stop me from losing the weight. At the moment things have come to a bit of a stand still with not being able to hit the gym like I used to. But I know that if I am patient, and let my body heal, in time I will be ready to fight again…and that is a promise!!

I have scheduled a swimming appointment for Monday evening so am excited about getting back in to the water again. I am doing my strengthening knee and butt exercises for rehabilitation and am starting this new eating program which I will let you know more about in the next coming days. So tonight I will end on April’s Top Tips for weight loss success…

1. Get the right support

2. Create a routine and stick to it

3. Drink loads of water

4. Make sure you are getting enough sleep

5. Don’t walk, run!!!

6. If you miss a day of exercise, or have a few extra glasses of wine, don’t stress…Get back in to it!!

7. Make sure you are committed – once you have decided it’s the right thing to do, make it your focus and put everything else you can on hold.

There you have it, April Ieremia’s weight loss journey so far. It’s good to know sometimes that there are other people out there that are struggling with their weight and are on the same path as you. Keep going April, I’m cheering you on from cyber space, and hope to be able to lose 18 kg in the near future!!!

Love J.L





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