Day 83: Last Day Of Rest, Poor Samoa!

18 09 2011

Good evening friends

Today is officially my last day of resting up. I feel like my legs and the rest of my body have had a well deserved rest and I am ready to hit the pool tomorrow evening. I still will not be running or doing anything slightly weight baring but I will be working on my cardio fitness and upper body and tummy strength, while my legs heal up over the next 10 weeks.

I have been doing my exercises, and I can really feel the burn especially with the butt exercises. My bum must really be weak!

So what happened today??…study study and study!

I watched the poor Samoan’s take on the Welsh and gosh they did such a good job most of the game. Their defense was very good, they looked fit and ready to fight. Unfortunately a couple of errors cost them the game but I am sure we can beat Fiji next Sunday and then get ready to take on South Africa after that. Go the MANU!!

I’ve been studying the rest of the day. I missed church this evening, and stayed indoors the whole day. Now I am watching the movie “The Proposal” and will probably hit the sack soon. I have a full day of uni ahead tomorrow followed by my swimming appointment with Norah so want to make sure I am well rested so that I am focused through out the day.

See you guys tomorrow.

Love J.L





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