Day 84: Back in to it!!

19 09 2011

Good evening

Today was a good day to get the ball rolling with a few things. It was the first day back at school after the 2 week break and it was my first day back into the pool, getting exercised up.

This morning I could not be arsed getting the bus into school so drove instead. I played through one of  the Body Trim CD’s while driving, and it was pretty much about the law of attraction, the law of cause and affect and how these all relate to your weight loss. It was about putting realistic goals in place using the SMART system…that is…

S –  Be specific

M – Can it be meaured

A – Is it achievable

R – Is it realistic

T – Is it timely

I guess it was kind of helpful. And the whole of today I have eaten really well and kept up my water in take which is probably a first in about 2 weeks!

I went to Construction Technology class this morning for a 9am start and we were getting our draft assignments back. Well what a disaster about 3/4 of the class failed…including me…sigh! Apparently we were all pretty much border line but just didn’t quite make the pass mark. So looks like we’re going to have to work extremely hard for our final drawings!

I then had a nice hot teriyaki chicken on rice…delicious!  My next class started at 1pm. This was a group tutorial discussion, and I actually got a lot out of it. Especially my one on one time with both my tutors, gave me specific insight in to where I should be heading with my studio project over the next few weeks. I can’t believe we only have 5 working weeks left, it’s insane how fast time goes!

I then picked up Jeremy as he stayed behind in class to do two tests and he passed them both YAY! We then got home and I got my gear ready for my swimming appointment with Norah. Basically Norah is working towards getting in to the police force. With that they have a few tests in place. She needs to make sure her fitness is up to scratch for the fitness test, her maths and english need to be up to scratch for the written test and then there is also the swimming test which she needs to pass.

As I used to swim I thought this the perfect opportunity to offer some of my skills, and get me back in to the water again. So we had about an hour swimming session today. Lots of kick board work and I also introduced the pull buoy for upper body work. It was so awesome getting back into swimming again. I’ve really missed it. It’s funny how you can be away from it for so long, and even though your speed and fitness not be at the same level you never lose your skill or technique. I really loved the swimming session today and Norah did really well also!

We finished off in the sauna and spa for about 15 minutes before coming home to a freshly cooked vegetable soup. Tonight I have a bit of a headache so I’m going to make sure I get an early night’s sleep. I’m going to do my strengthening exercises for the day and then head to nye nye’s.

Love J.L





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