Week 12: Did you say 100 laps??

20 09 2011

Hey everyone!


Well… I had an extremely productive day!! I am so happy with how today went. Lets back track a little bit to my weigh in and then we will start from the beginning…

So I jumped on to the scales today (the new digital ones that Jarna bought, and it read a whopping 106.5kg! What the F***!!! Um how disappointing. I almost cried! But that wasn’t going to let me down! No more mr nice guy! From now on I don’t care what is in my way I am going to kick my weight’s arse! I am sick and tired of this up and down up and down! Grrrrrrrrrr!!!!! Hold me back someone! So no more wallowing in my sorrows, no more tears, no more feeling sorry for myself and no more reaching for the chocolate thinking it will miraculously take away my problems! NOOOO MOOOORRRREEEE!!!!


So moving on…I caught the 7.30am bus with Jeremy this morning and got in to town just in time to jump in with dad, after he dropped Jarna off to school. Dad suggested breakfast at one of our favourite cafe’s The Library Cafe, so he enjoyed an eggs benedict dish and I enjoyed a vegetarian omelette…so a good source of protein for breakfast and man did that kick start my metabolism for the day wooohoooo!

We got to the cafe at about 8.45am and didn’t end up leaving until 12pm. crazy huh?? We spent the whole morning chatting about anything and everything. It’s been a while since I’ve had a good catch up with dad so I guess today was the perfect time for us to get in some father/daughter bonding. And I must say after this talk I felt refreshed, found new motivation and determination not only for my weight loss but for my school work and for our new business venture. So with that in mind I quickly went home to give my doggy Tess and two cats Tigger and Ralph some cuddles before driving in to school, handing the car over to Jarna and then meeting up with Jeremy to catch the bus out west.

Our bus ride took a good 40 minutes so whilst Jeremy napped this was the perfect opportunity for me to read up on this new Body Trim system. I read through the reference book which explained so much that I could relate to in terms of why I find it so hard to lose weight and the things the are commonly done wrong when people are trying to lose weight…OMG surprisingly I am one of those people who do things wrong when trying to lose weight. I will expand on this in the following posts and will probably write up at least one tip or guide line to weight loss that I have been reading on each day. I will leave you guys hanging until tomorrow’s post to hear what I learnt today with the system.

Anyway I got home and had a quick lunch with Jeremy. He made us a really nice fried rice dish with broccoli, tomato, peas, egg and steak meat. It was so good. Then I popped in to the bank for 5 minutes before driving to the West wave pools. I got changed, found my lane that I was going to spend the next hour and a half in and began my challenge. So what you should probably know is that I decided to set myself quite a big challenge today… maybe not the smartest thing to do as this is my first proper swimming session, but never the less I attempted and succeeded. My goal for this swimming session was to complete 100 laps…yes 100 laps!

So what i decided to do was break my laps up in to lots of 10. So I would swim 10 laps and then rest for 2 minutes and then do the next set etc etc until I had completed my 10 sets of 10. So I decided that i would split up my sets of 10 into swimming (freestyle and breast stroke), kicking and upper body. So I started off with 5 laps of freestyle, 5 laps of breast stroke. Then I did 5 laps of freestyle, 5 laps of breast stroke kicking only with the kick board. Then back to 5 laps normal freestyle and 5 laps breast stroke. Then 5 laps freestyle,5 laps of breast stroke arms only using the pull buoy. and continued this again until I had done 9 sets. The last set I decided to do sprints. So I did two laps of freestyle sprint, two laps of breast stroke sprint, and continued this until I had completed a total of 100 laps all together.

I then jumped out and headed over to the sauna to enjoy a bit of relaxation before coming home for dinner, my strengthening exercise and a bit of study to end the night. I am extremely tired now and cannot wait to get in to bed! Seriously I feel like my eyes are going to drop out of my head! I will see you all again tomorrow. Wish me luck for my physio appointment!

Love J.L





One response

22 09 2011

Weight loss challenge starting on Monday Juani! I know it will work for you – I mean check out my mum 🙂

Love you!


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