21 09 2011

Hey people,

So as mentioned in last night’s post I have been going about my weight the wrong way…and I promised that tonight I would explain in depth exactly what I mean… So here it is according to Body Trim!

The first priority for any weight loss or fitness goal is to determine whether it is a physique goal (lose weight, tone up or gain muscle) or a performance goal (increase aerobic fitness, increase strength or sport specific). The reason why this is extremely important is because there is a huge difference between eating and exercising for weight loss and eating and exercising for a fitness based goal. The problem arises when people, like myself, use performance based techniques for physique based goals. Eating a high carbohydrate diet and performing high intensity exercise is correct if you have a performance based goal, but it becomes mission impossible if weight loss is your goal. Ahhh ha!!

Approximately 90% of people have a physique goal (weight loss) but they use performance based training and performance based nutrition. If your goal is weight loss then you need a low carbohydrate, low to moderate intensity exercise approach. So this fully explains why I am getting fitter and stronger but not losing the weight that I really want to, not shrinking down to the size I want to be. I have been told to complete the 4 W’s of goal setting to start…

What – relates to the amount of weight you want to lose. Write down exactly how much weight you want to lose, whether its 10kg, 20kg, 30 kgs or more.

Where – relates to where you want to lose the weight from. Whether it’s specifically from your hips, thighs, buttock or tummy.

Why – relates to the reason you want to lose weight.

When –¬†relates to the time frame you would like to achieve your goals in.


So starting fresh and new today here are my 4 W’s:

What – 20 kgs

Where – arms, stomach, thighs and hips.

Why – to look good, feel comfortable in my own body, fit in to nicer clothes and be able to wear a bikini.

When – 20 weeks so by the 13th of February 2012.

Long term goal: To lose 20 kgs in 20 weeks

Short term goals: To lose at least 5kgs in the first 5 weeks, 10kgs by the 10th week and 15kgs by the 15th week.

Accountability ensures success:

When it comes to goal setting the reason why you must write it down is to keep yourself accountable. This way you wont let yourself down and it will keep you motivated to not take your eyes off the prize. Another powerful technique is similar to what i am doing in writing this blog. That is, letting people around you know about your dreams and goals because the people around you will keep you accountable too. Although it might seem scary, tell those people exactly what you are going to do, this gives additional external motivation that will help you easily achieve the body of your dreams.

That is all for tonight. I decided to give my body a big rest after last night’s swim and il be back in the pool again tomorrow if the amount I school work I have stacked up permits. See you guys then.

Love J.L





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