Day 86: Swimming, Pizza and Sarah Potts!!!

22 09 2011

Hi readers!

I am extremely exhausted writing this so I am keeping today’s post very short and sweet

So I was supposed to be starting a 12 week nutrition course starting on Monday 26th but since receiving this free trial of body trim plus I think I will stick out the 2 month trial period and see how it goes. So today I signed up to the online support network to be inspired by success stories etc.

This morning I decided to test out my new pedometer as part of the body trim plan and see just with my normal movement today how many steps I did during the entire day. Well I did 7,550 steps which was just my normal everyday walking around the house, from home to the bus stop etc. It is recommended that you try and do 10,000 steps every day and try to include a half hour walk in the morning to complete that 10,000. Well at the moment I have been told not to walk to much so I think 7,550 steps just from everyday movement is pretty good I guess.

This evening I decided to take it a little easier in the pool as my body is still a little tired from my last swim, especially my shoulders and upper body. So today I decided to do half the amount so completed 50 laps of the 25 meter pool in 25 minutes. Not too bad an effort. I was swimming at a relatively good pace. I showered up and then we decided to have pizza for dinner. So good, but now so full!

Omg did anyone watch shorty! Incredibly intense!! Well done Amanda who plays Sarah Potts I was in tears right from her beginning scene. She played it so well. Oh I just cannot get over it. It is amazing how I feel like I know her so well, and how I am in tears after watching the program and how incredibly sad I was seeing it. Shows we do have some amazing actors/actresses in our midst.

Time for bed now. And it is Jeremy’s graduation tomorrow morning. So i am skipping class to show my support! Woohooo nice one baby congratulations! Love you all






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