Day 87: Jarna and Jeremy graduate,swimming,Body Trim starting Mon coming!!

23 09 2011

Hey everyone,

What a lovely day in Auckland today! It hasn’t been this sunny all day since the Rugby World Cup opening a couple of weeks ago if I can recall! I absolutely loved today and everything that made it such a good day! Here’s what went down….

After last night’s swim session I was absolutely nakard so was unbelievably relieved knowing I didn’t need to wake up until 9.45am! Wohhh what a great sleep in, I tell you swimming really takes it out of you! A full, entire body workout I reckon! I prettied myself up and accompanied Jeremy at his graduation today with Jarna for their 2nd course completed at AMES IT. I was super proud of the both of them for passing and now they only have one semester left starting in January! Well done both of you.

We then enjoyed mum and dad’s shout for lunch at a nice cafe on queens street. They were very reasonably priced, and had pretty good quality food. I devoured my fish and chips with salad! Probably not the best choice of meal but starting Monday 26th of September I will be challenging myself once again to a new and improved method of weight loss. I am extremely excited about this because Body Trim is not a diet and it is not a work out program. What it is, is learning about the key factors to weight loss which are your metabolism and your mind. Sounds strange that these two things are the most important things to lose weight but what I will do is stick with the body trim technique and see how it goes.

There are 3 phases:

Phase 1: Protein only 3 days

Phase 2: Weight loss

Phase 3: Weight maintenance

Phase 1 lasts for only 3 days and for those 3 days you need to eat protein only for 6 regular meals. So why so much protein you may ask?? Well according to body trim, the more carbohydrates you eat the more carbohydrates you crave. Carbohydrates also bring on that “sweet craving”. Protein on the other hand is one of the key ingredients in speeding up your metabolism. So your next question may be why do we need to have a good working metabolism?? Well it is all quite simple really. We need to make sure that what is going in to our bodies is coming out again. Many people (especially elderly and females) naturally have a slower metabolism which means that we are storing and holding on to fat cells rather than burning them. So we basically are eating more than we poo out! (sorry to be so raw).

The 3 day protein only will increase your damaged metabolism and at the same time, reduce those sweet cravings because we eliminate carbs for that period of time also. This initial 3 days is a very important stage so it must be done properly! Once this phase is completed your body is set up for the weight loss stage.

The weight loss stage is pretty much the entire time is takes for you to lose weight. Now do you remember the 4 W’s from my last post? The what, where, why and when? Well for me I want to lose 20 kgs in 20 weeks which gives me from Monday the 26th of September 2011 until the 13th of February 2012. And then follows the maintenance period which is to make sure that you do not put all the weight back on and maintain the weight that you are happy to be at.

I talked to you a little a couple of posts ago about the physique vs performance goals and why it is that I felt I was working so hard at the gym but still not getting the proper results that I wanted. Well body trim plus recommend these three things as the Key Factors to losing the weight and keeping it off.

1. 3 meals, 3 snacks a day. That is …

Breakfast – protein + starch

Snack – protein

Lunch – protein +veges/salad

Snack – protein

Dinner – protein + veges/salad

Snack – protein

This sounds like an awful amount of protein but dont just think of protein as red meat. We have fish, salmon, tuna, deli meats, chicken, ham ,turkey, eggs, chick peas, vege sausages…the list goes on and you can totally be creative about what you make for meals.

2. Drink 2-3 liters of water a day

Research has proven that keeping up your water intake helps you to lose weight. But what some people may not know is that you need to portion your water intake throughout the day. There is no point guzzling 2 liters all at once because your body will actually go in to excavation mode and get rid of this water a lot faster, so you will notice you will be needing to go to the loo very regularly, leaving you more dehydrated than anything else. The best thing to do is sip on a bottle regularly and fill it up a few times during the day.

3. 10,000 steps a day

This may sound like a hell of a lot of walking but it actually isn’t. This amount includes your entire day of movement, walking to and from your desk to the loo, walking up the drive to check the mail,catching the bus into work, etc. Yesterday without even trying I did 7,550 steps. Body trim recommends that you do a half hour walk on top of your normal day activity to boost your steps up to 10,000. I am definitely taking my pedometer with me tomorrow to see what I get done.

And those are the three key factors. If you can follow this exactly, get the basics done, the weight will shred off you apparently. So don’t worry, you don’t need to go and rush out to buy this system. I will test it our fot you, I will be your guinea pig and will keep a track of how I am feeling, my water intake, my amount of daily steps and the food that I am eating. I will still weigh myself every week and take monthly measurements and bimonthly photos.

I will finish with what I did this evening. I had another appointment with norah today for a swimming lesson. As Monday was the first lesson I allowed it to be an easier session, getting used to the water and gaining confidence in the deep end. But tonight we meant business! So it as all about the kicking. We did a few laps for warm up, and then continued on to timed kicking using the kick board for 10 laps. It was incredibly intense, and poor Norah gave it her all, I could definitely tell the motivation in her face! I was so proud after she had completed my task for the evening, she look exhausted but well worked, leaving the pool knowing that she had worked her ass off. I definitely know that she will be able to make her timed race swim to enter the police force, it is just a matter of keeping all of this training up and lots of practice. I then did my 50 laps for the evening and then came home to a delicious roast pork for dins. I am now finishing off the night with some study and then hitting the sack.


Sorry about the intense blog tonight just had so much to write about!

Lots of Love J.L






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