Day 89: Manu, new baby and Body Trim start tomorrow!!

25 09 2011

Hey guys.

What an exciting day today. First we heard that there is a new edition to our family. So congratulations to Selena and Fotu, Grandpa Mani and Nana Noeline, Terina, Simon and Brent for the little boy born early this morning. May you all be filled with happiness and joy as you become grandparents, parents, and aunties and uncles.

And what a great day to have been born a little Samoan as Samoa took on Fiji and came out with an amazing win. Jeremy and I were lucky enough to get tickets from mum and dad for our engagement present. So mum, Dad, Jarna, Jeremy and I all got dressed up, dyed our hair, painted our faces and made our way to Eden Park for the 2nd consecutive day in a row!

The crowd was amazing, everyone was so well behaved, and very good natured. Everyone was on their own buzz, taking in all of the excitement and cheering on their teams. Samoa looked very structured with their game. Not being much of a rugby follower a few months ago I have definitely converted to a fan especially of our Samoan Team. It was awesome to see both the Samoan and Fijian team huddle together at the end of the game.

So what a full on weekend of sport. Everything has gone our way so far. Later on this week the Samoan’s get ready to take on the South Africans and the Warriors take on the Sea Eagles in the Grand Final! Maybe this is our year New Zealand in sport. Imagine if we could take out the World Cup and the Rugby League Grand Final, now that would be fricken awesome!!

As I mentioned in previous posts, I am challenging myself to the Body Trim weight loss system. I have a couple more dvds to watch before I can get in to it so will watch them all tonight so I can start fresh tomorrow morning, with all the prior knowledge I need to start. So the next 3 days I will be going Protein only. I am ready to set my mind to this and hope I get continued support from all of you guys!

That’s all for tonight I have a tonne of study to get through and body trim dvd’s to watch

Lots of Love J.L





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