Day 90: Protein only Body Trim start and new weight loss challenge meeting!!

26 09 2011

Hey everyone!

Had a relatively relaxing day today. I still have a little bit of a cold, probably because of the wet hair after swimming + cold nights = cold chills??

Today is the start of my PROTEIN ONLY three days on the Body Trim system and I guess it hasn’t been too bad, I havent really thought too much of it to be totally honest. I mean when you say to yourself you can only have this or that, it becomes quite hard but when you sit down and think of all of the different varieties of protein you can have it opens up the doors to enlightenment.

So I had two boiled eggs this morning with 2 table spoons of corned beef heated up with the oil taken out, (and guess what? This is ok to have). I then hung my washing and then went for a half hour walk around One Tree Hill with Jeremy. We walked at a good pace, not to fast for my injured legs but a good enough pace to get the breathing up and body heated. I managed one bottle of 750ml pump water during the walk and another full glass of water when we got home.

It had been 2 hours since my breakfast so I grabbed an apricot/chocolate protein bar and made sure to check the carbohydrate and sugar levels at the back (they were ok) with another glass of water. I was naughty and missed out on lunch because time sort of got away from me. I finished a bit of study and grabbed a cafe latte protein shake but this time used half water and half milk…it totally isn’t the same! grrrr but that little bit of milk with my protein shakes I don’t think is going to hurt! I also always add a few ice cubes to get that thick frothy texture that I love!

I then got a text from my friend Albie reminding me of the Weight Loss 12 week challenge meeting that was happening tonight. I totally wasn’t going to go because I had started this body trim thing already, but she insisted I go and see what the weight loss thing was all about and meet some people who are also trying to lose weight or are trying to maintain their weight. So I decided to drive out to Western Springs and give it a go. No harm in trying new things.

I met up with Albie’s mum and dad and other members of the weight loss group. I sat in their meeting as they talked pretty much about their own experiences, what this group does for people trying to lose weight and how they approach weight loss. Well to my surprise they approach weight loss in the exact same way as body trim. It’s not a diet, its not slaving away hours on end at the gym. It is all about how you eat, when you eat and staying active. Which leads to an all round healthy new you! We tried some new protein shakes, smoothies, lemon and ginger herbal tea and there were also so bran muffins to try.

I had some of the protein and fruit smoothie and some herbal tea. We all got a folder full of tonnes of information to help us stay on track, how to go about changing your life for a healthier and fitter new you. We weigh in every week and take measurements every month, each week someone brings in a tasting dish, something of high fibre low carb so that we can all test it and get more recipes for healthier meal options,but the best thing of all is that it is a community support group. So each week we meet for an hour and discuss our highs, our lows etc.

I have decided to join, this is exactly what I need and the good thing is that is is on Monday night so I can write about it for the new week on Tuesday and keep filling out my weight loss graph and measurement so that you can still follow. I am getting a bit hungry now so am going to have my dinner and maybe a coupe more glasses of water. I had one diet coke today but the rest has been water and one cup of coffee and one cup of tea. I know that when my weight is on track then everything else falls in to place so I am really looking forward to this body trim and weight loss community support!

Thats it see you tomorrow Love J.L






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