Week 13: Day 91: Protein only day 2!

27 09 2011

Hey people!


Today was some what easy in terms of food. I have stuck to my 3 day protein only diet and it hasn’t really been that hard at all. Especially since I know that it is only for 3 days.

I started this morning meeting my friend at Columbus for breakfast. Columbus is awesome because they were able to make me a half portion of scrambled eggs with a little bit of bacon. The portion was very small but exactly what I needed and I had a cold coffee frappe as well. The good thing about the frappe is that they dont use any milk. It is purey a shot of coffee mixed with ice, water and some vanilla powder. So one of these every couple of days is not going to hurt!

We had a good catch up and then I headed home for some study time. I then had my first protein only snack and had a cafe latte protein shake half milk and half water. Unfortunately the blender at mums doesn’t crush ice very well so I didn’t get the perfect shake. I then went to the fish shop and bought one salmon steak which weighed 250g. I came home and cooked it up with a little bit of olive oil, soy sauce and honey. I cut it in half and shared it with mum, it was delicious!!

I have been able to keep up my water intake which is really good and I am happy with. But am a little disappointed with my steps for the day and I didn’t get my half an hour walk in. So figured I will do an hour walk tomorrow morning before my physio session. I then had a few chicken nibbles for my protein snack and then for dinner had 100grams of tuna mixed in with a boiled egg. It was actually quite nice. I am not sure yet what I am going to have for my last snack but I’m sure I will figure that out in the next 5 minutes.

I still have a bit of a cold so no swimming for me tonight.But I have another session with Norah tomorrow at 5.15pm so am looking forward to getting back in to the pool again. That’s all for tonight, short and sweet. I will be leaving my weigh in for next week as I have just started the body trim plus and weight loss challenge so will be pointless having weighed myself after only one day. So look forward to next week.


Lots of Love J.L





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