Day 92: Last day of protein only!

28 09 2011

Hey guys

Today has probably been the most difficult day of the three. The last couple of days I have been absolutely fine but today has been a little different and I’m not quite sure whether it’s because I know it is the last day so I am thinking about all the foods I can eat tomorrow. Or if it is the change in portion sizes that are getting to me, but I can tell you that these things have changed since being on this 3 day protein only challenge.

1. My metabolism has increased

2. I am craving foods like salads and vegetables.

3. My sweet cravings have stopped

4. My need for carbs have vanished


So after being patient for these last few days, it has paid off!

This morning for breakfast I had scrambled eggs with some low fat bacon. It was so delicious and I was a little sad when I ate it all up and knew I wasn’t allowed seconds! I then went to the physio and he massaged all of the trigger points in my tight muscles which was incredibly sore. I now have to do my strengthening exercises with a one kgs weight to make my muscles work that much harder. I also managed a 40 minute walk today. A new walk that I hadn’t discovered before so it was nice to feel as if I was on a little bit of an adventure. And the great thing was it was in a lovely reserve with streams, native trees etc so I felt as if I were out of Auckland.

I then packed my gear to meet Norah at the pools for a swim. Funny thing was that I had packed absolutely everything I needed except for my togs. Norah was already at the pool ready to go when I got there so I decided to skip my swim and to coach her from the edge of the pool. She did extremely well, and I could tell that she was trying really hard. We concentrated purely on her breathing technique and adding in a stroke.

I got home had dinner which was also very yummy. I had a small piece of steak cut up in to smaller strips to trick my mind in to thinking it was a bigger portion and I had a boiled egg on the side with a cold glass of diet coke. I also managed my 8 glasses of water today and 7216 steps which is a step up from the last couple of days. I still need to work a bit harder to get my total amount of steps up to 10,000.

Im going to get stuck in to some study now so have a great night everyone.

Love J.L





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