Day 93: Phase 1 completed! Bring on phase 2 WEIGHT LOSS!

29 09 2011

Hey peeps,


So as explained in a post a little while ago there are 3 phases of this body trim system that I am following.

Phase 1: 3 day protein only

Phase 2: Weight loss stage

Phase 3: Weight management

I am so happy that I have completed the first phase of the protein only 3 days. I guess it was a little challenging towards the end as I was really craving some veges, salads and fruit, or just a bit of variety to the meat and eggs I was eating. But that stage is now over and I have reached the weight loss phase 2. This phase is purely the weight loss stage. Still 6 meals a day, 3 main meals and 3 snacks but this time round my meals will look a little more like this.

Breakfast: Protein + Fruit or starch or bread

Snack: Protein

Lunch: Protein + veges/salad

Snack: Protein

Dinner: Protein + veges/salad

Snack: Protein

I still need to drink at least 8 glasses of water a day, complete a 30 minute walk and do 10,000 steps a day. So this will occupy my time a bit as I know it will take a little while to adjust to making sure I eat every 2-3 hours and making sure that I am eating good foods, not convenient foods.

So moving on to today: I cooked myself scrambled eggs on a piece of toasted whole grain bread and a tiny scoop of baked beans for a little bit of extra flavour with a nice coffee for breakfast. I then had a protein shake for my snack. Followed by 100g of tuna, a tiny hand full of rice mixed in with a boiled egg. For my 2nd snack for the day I had another small protein shake and for dinner Jeremy bought me a subway less than 6grams of fat sandwich. It was so good to get a bit more colourful with my foods adding in the salads for dinner. I still have one more snack to go and I think I may have a smoothie.

I did get my walk in today but I didn’t reach my 10,000 steps. I think at the moment its been a little hard with all the studying and desk work I’ve been having to do. But never mind I weighed myself this morning and my weight has gone down already after only 3 days so I am really looking forward to weighing in on Tuesday to see just how much I have lost this week.

So I may just have one more glass of water which will be my 9th for the day. I will let you all know how tomorrow goes.


Love J.L





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