Day 94: Eat more to lose weight???

30 09 2011

Hey everyone,

As most of us are tricked to think, we should be eating less to lose weight right??


When we don’t eat regularly our bodies naturally go through starvation mode and actually store fat rather than burning it as it thinks that it needs to save the fat to keep you going until you eat again, which results in a very slow metabolism. And body fat is actually just stored energy. So what is the answer?? Eat more often… Yes! Cut down your meal portion sizes but eat more regularly. I have something to eat every 2-3 hours!

Anyway that was the interesting fact for the day…moving on…

How was your day today? Mine was pretty good. I made myself an onion and tomato omelette on multi grain toast with a cup of coffee.

I stopped my study for a break of protein cafe latte shake for my morning tea.

I then made a skinless, boneless chicken dish with chopped up onion, carrot and a can of tomato topped with a bit of soy sauce and bbq sauce served with a hand full of swirly pasta.

I then went for an hour walk at Cornwall Park with mum and my doggy Tess and then popped in to grandma and grandpa’s for a quick cup of lemon tea and half a chive scone for afternoon tea.

I quickly popped up to Pak n Save and managed to get a few essentials for tonight’s dinner. I bought two packets of trim pork schnitzel for only $2.50 per pack. I then grabbed a hand full of mush rooms, a bag of beans, a bag of bok choy, one red capsicum and some cranberry sauce to make a ruffled up fluke of a dish. And I tell you what it was actually quite nice. I also grabbed a diet coke and some sugar free, gluten free, fat free gummy bears to try. All together my shopping came to about $25.00 and this managed to feed 5 hungry adults!

I cooked up some jasmine rice to have with this pork and vege stir-fry and it actually tasted pretty good and I believe there is still some in the pot. This worked out at about $5 per person. So the moral of the story is… you can eat healthy and not break the bank! We each had a bowl full of dinner to watch the Manu Samoa team take on the South Africans. What a match. Our boys played very well against the reining champions. If you look at the stats there wasn’t that much in it at all. One try each and unfortunately a converted one and two penalties for the S.A team.

So sadly this was goodbye for our little country but huge-hearted men in the 2011 Rugby World Cup. They played their hearts out and I am pretty confident when I say they made every Samoan very proud.

Today I consumed 9 glasses of water, I did not make the 10,000 steps again but I did go for an hour walk. I am about to finish with my knee and bum strengthening exercises before bed. Now for the All Blacks and the Big One on Sunday…..GO THE WARRIORS!!!!!!

Hope you all have a blessed and safe weekend.

Love J.L





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