Day 95: Saturday = free food day! Plus good news size 20 to size 16!

1 10 2011

Hi guys!

So I am still amazed at how many of you continuously skim through my blog. I want to just quickly say that with out you guys i would not be writing this! Every time I log on to write my new post each day there is with out a doubt a massive increase in the amount of hits I am receiving which just motivates me even more to keep on keeping on!

This morning a received a message from one of my besties saying she is being induced tonight and is going in to hospital. It was totally unexpected as she is not due for at least another 3-4 weeks. So our group of friends rushed together to meet her in Manukau for a quick brunch. I was extra excited also because I get one free day every week which pretty much just means I can have what ever I want to eat. So I took this opportunity and finished off a very yummy BLT, but instead of the bacon I had grilled chicken. It was delicious. I then decided that I was well deserving of a melting moment…except I fully felt sick after only eating half!

We then went to the Manukau Westfield and chilled out a bit for the last few hours left before my friend was to give birth. We shopped around and I actually was very uncomfortable because the jeans I was wearing were too lose and were constantly falling down. I should’ve listened to mum and got a belt! But as I walked every few steps I had to pull them up so decided I may need some new jeans.

The first shop we went in to was Just Jeans and the had a 2 for $100 special so I decided to try some on. Well to my surprise I was able to fit in to a size 16 jeans which is absolutely amazing because I havent been able to fit in to this size jean since mid 2008 when I fist started dating Jeremy. And as you know as your relationship blossoms so does your waist line! I guess it is that feeling of just being 100% comfortable with that other person and enjoying each others company with lots of dvds and treats! So I fully blame Jeremy for my weight gain! haha moving on…

I was extra excited when i tried on these jeans and my friends sat there with that closed smile, raised eye brows and up and down nod…meaning GET THEM! apparently they fitted very nice, they were flattering and shaped and lifted my bum. And these two are my best friends so I know when they say something looks good it does! I decided to get the two pairs, one dark navy and one black! So that was my shopping over and done with. One thing I havent mentioned before is my clothing size. Now it does kinda depend on the brand and how generous their sizing is but about this time last year I was wearing a size 20 jeans and about a 18/20 top. So I am so excited to be wearing a size 16 top and size 16 jean. My ultimate goal is to try and get down to either a size 12/14 jean which I know is a massive ask considering my bone structure etc but you have to set your goals high. And I would love to be a size 14 on top. I have very wide shoulders so I don’t think I would ever be a size 12 on top.

Tonight was also the dinner outing at Tony’s restaurant with Jeremy’s family to celebrate his graduation. It was a very nice dinner but this restaurant is renowned for its mega big portions. I ordered some garlic bread to share and the single portion of the lamb shank and a nice glass of Stoneleigh Pinot Noir to go with. It was delicious and I was definitely full after my meal. I wasn’t able to eat all that was on my plate but the majority is now in my tummy. So tomorrow I am jumping back to a protein only sunday and then a normal diet for the rest of the days until my next free day. The reason I am going back to one protein only day a week is to create a zigzag effect. So after every free day I will follow with a protein only day. I will talk about the zigzag effect and why it is good for losing weight in tomorrow’s post.

That’s all for now folks. I just want to make a special mention of my incredibly brave friend who will be having her baby either tonight or tomorrow. I wish you all the best with the delivery, be brave and we will see you in hospital waiting with a whole bunch of your favourite goodies. I love you a million Sarah.

Love J.L





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