Day 96: Torn ligaments, still no baby and Warrior madness!

2 10 2011

Dear readers.

Now before you freak about the heading, the torn ligament injury does not belong to me! Thank goodness! But it does belong to Jeremy after yesterday’s rugby game, and he is a bit of a sook when he’s injured so I played nurse last night. This morning I took him to Accident and Medical White Cross to get it checked out and x-rayed. Lucky it has nothing to do with the bone and is probably torn ligaments in the knee.

The one thing I hate about these places though is the wait. We were there this morning at 10.15am and left at 12.45pm! It’s insane in that place! But any way it has been rather quiet today. I am at home getting some drawings done with one eye on my assignment and the other on the t.v with all the sport matches on at the moment…and the big one tonight with the Warriors. Gosh I am so excited about this game!

In other news my poor friend Sarah has still not had the baby, she is still in hospital and apparently it is going to be a bit of a marathon. So I am thinking of her today and hopefully we can get one pretty crying baby girl out tonight…finger’s crossed! Other than that my knees have been playing up a bit, I didn’t do my walk today as it is absolutely ghastly outside, and I have too much to get through for uni and too much sport to watch. So instead of my walk I have really concentrated on getting my food portions and quality right! I had a very nice smoothie for breakfast and then had a few slices of 98% fat free, low sugar beef jerky. Extremely high in protein! I also had a cafe latte protein shake and went to the supermarket to grab some salmon and coleslaw for dinner.mmmmm yummy cant wait might even eat my dinner soon!

I have sipped slowly on about 1 and a half litres of water today so will try for another litre and a bit to get me through until bed time. Other than that it has been a pretty slow day. Hope you all have an enjoyable Sunday indoors, keep safe and GO THE MIGHTY WARRIORS!!!!

Love J.L





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