Day 97: First week completed, Uni til 5am and a new baby girl!!!

3 10 2011

Hey everyone.

What an eventful Monday it has been despite the dreadful weather outside.

I can now say that I have xompleted my first week on the Body Trim plus system and weight loss community group. I must say it has been very different as I have really had to change my ways and get in the kitchen and start cooking. I’m not one for cooking, in fact out of all the different places in the house I could be, in front of the oven is probably last on the list!

It has been extremely good to me this system. And I think it is like everything. Once you set your mind to something and tell yourself that you are going to give it your 100% then it will work. After this first week, my intake of water has increased dramatically, my metabolism is at an all time high and I am dropping some weight without spending hours on end every night at the gym. Although I do miss my nightly workouts and getting a really good sweat up!

Last night during the Warriors game I was so nervous that I munched my way through half a packet of bloody barley sugars! I have absolutely no understanding of why I was doing this…I never eat barley sugars?? Strange what you do subconsciously! Anyway at about 10pm I decided to go into Uni and try and get some of my assignments done. There were a few of us in there at that time, and I was texting Jeremy and mum through the night so that they made sure I was ok. But after what I though was maybe only an hour or two of work, I received a phone call with a frantic mother on the other end. “Juanita where are you??It’s 4 in the morning!” What, really? I had been at uni until that late? What a complete loser! I decided to finish off the last few things and head home. Those barley sugars really did the job and kept me up through the night!

I woke up this morning at about 11am to make sure I got a good enough rest after last night’s campaign! My friend Sarah was in labour so I had my breakfast of scrambled eggs mixed up with some chopped bacon and tomato with a coffee and tried my best to complete some more study. Did it work? NO! I was completely side tracked by all the excitement and having to wait to hear the news. Well at 3.46pm today my best friend gave birth to a 6.1 pound baby girl. Congratulations BRAD and SARAH on the new addition to your family. What a blessing!!

Now it’s time for my weight loss metting I am getting weighed on the Tanita scale tonight, so will let you all know how that goes tomorrow!

Love J.L





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