Week 14: Day 98/99: Some photos of me today! and WELCOME BABY SIENNA

5 10 2011

Good evening friends!

I apologise for being absent last night. It has been an extremely busy week sorting things left right and centre, uni coming to an end which means assignments due, weight loss challenge groups, body trim nutritional reading, trying out new recipes etc etc!

I have really concentrated on making sure I have been getting enough protein in every meal. I am still struggling a little to get in my 6 meals a day. It takes a good lot of planning which I am not used to as previous to all this nutritional information I have been digesting I was only going through about 2-3 big meals a day. So it is still very challenging to cut portions down and eating more often but good things definitely take time and if I keep this all up it should start becoming more of a habit.

My water in take lately has been outstanding I must say. I have been drinking between 2.5-3 litres of water a day which is about 8-10 glasses. My legs have not been the best however so my pedometer readings aren’t looking too good. And with the study and desk work it has been a little difficult getting enough time in to go for an hour’s swim or an hours walk but I know I can do short 10 minute bursts if I don’t have a huge block of time.

Some very exciting news which you all know about now is that my best friend gave birth to little Sienna Joyce Ariel on the 3/10/11. I went with jeremy and mum today to visit the new parents and baby today at the maternity ward. She is super tiny but very long! Very very cute and  got to hold her a few times. So now you can all call me Aunty Nita!! hehe it has a bit of a ring to it!

I am heading in to uni tonight for a hard and long slogging. Tomorrow will be exciting as Jeremy and I are going to our first Wedding Workshop. So I can let you all know how that goes tomorrow.

Ok so nice and early post, and short and sweet. See ya’ll tomorrow.

Love J.L





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