Day 100! 3 and a half years exact and 100 days of BLOG posting!!!

6 10 2011

Hey everyone.

What an exciting day today!

If you haven’t caught on by the title of today’s post. It is my 100th day writing to you all through this weight loss blog! It is also exactly 3 and a half years since Jeremy and I have been together. I know it is extremely “High -school” to keep counting the months etc. But we are sentimental and like any excuse to celebrate.

So we thought it the perfect opportunity to book in for our Wedding Workshop. It was a treat for me for reaching 100 days of blogging and it tied in well with our 3 and a half year date. So let me start off with how our day went about…

This morning we were at the White Cross in New Lynn seeing a specialist about Jeremy’s bad knee. The doctor has spotted a bit of chipped bone and torn ligaments. So we were told to book in an MIR scan and when the info comes back the doc will be able to tell us whether he needs surgery or not. Fingers crossed for the latter. While in New Lynn I thought I would stop off at a printing place to get some uni stuff printed.

We then went to Nora and Matt’s to pick up Arie to look after for the afternoon. He ran out of his house holding a $20 note. He said it was for our lunch. So lunch was shouted by Jeremy’s 2 year old nephew today. I stopped at Columbus and found a nice spaghetti bolognese lunch meal already packaged in to a container perfect for me. So we went home to eat lunch, I got a little more study done and then went in to school to meet one of my tutors for a one on one tutorial. It was extremely helpful and I feel as though I learnt more in that 45minute session than I did in the last 6 x 3hour classes!

I rushed back out West to pick up my fiance and then we drove back in to town to the Celebrations Studio in Freeman’s Bay for our 2 hour Wedding Workshop. We arrived early and had time to go around the studio having a look at all the different bits and pieces from examples of cakes, to venues, to invitations and to honey moons. Absolutely everything that you could possibly think of to do with a wedding was spread in a very innovative way around the walls and tables of the room. We helped ourselves to tea and coffee and waited a few minutes for the others in our group to arrive.


The workshop was so informative and Jeremy and I came out after 2 and a half hours knowing what direction to head towards from here, found a few tips about saving, working through a budget, problems that are easily avoided, how to choose your venue etc etc. The lady who took the workshop was very knowledgable about how to organize a wedding and covered absolutely everything we needed to know. We left the session with a bag of notes, information sheets, tips and hints, cards for different suppliers etc. So it was a very intense and filled to the brim couple of hours but it was a good first wedding session for us both and we had a lot of fun together.

We then came home and Jeremy cooked up a Scotch Fillet with onion, tomato and spinach. We finished off with a nice berry smoothie. Today I had my 2.5 litres of water. Did not get time for my walk but will incorporate one in tomorrow’s timetable. That’s all for now folks. See you tomorrow.

Love J.L






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