Day 102: Pretty Boring Saturday!

8 10 2011

Hello ello!

So today has been a pretty boring day actually. There have been a few high lights but nothing out of the ordinary!

I’ll start with breakfast. I decided to enjoy a corn toasted sandwich, probably not the best thing to have but it was different and very filling. I then followed that with a berry smoothie for my first snack of the day. I then dropped Jeremy off to church to help laying out the carpets and I went home and had a half a bowl of chicken soup for lunch!

We all decided to go for a family walk with my dog tess. So we packed up and drove to our favourite park One Tree Hill and proceeded an hour walk at a relatively good pace. It was nice to have a family day out. Mum exaggerates and reckons it has been about 10 years since we all went for a walk together…watever!

We stopped off at Pak n Save to get some goodies for the boys for the rugby tonight and some food for me to cook for dinner. I started cooking as soon as we got home but had my second snack of a cafe latte protein shake to keep me going until dinner. I made a seafood stir-fry. Salmon and prawn stir-fry with a bit of bok choy, coleslaw and a few chicken nuggets. It was delicious and very healthy!!!

Everyone enjoyed dinner which was good and we are now watching the Wales vs Ireland quarter final game!! Go Wales! I’m going to get on with a bit of school work and will probably be doing mostly that tomorrow as well. I wish you all a good weekend and will talk again tomorrow evening!

Love J.L






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