Day 103: Sporty Sunday!

9 10 2011

Hey peeps

This morning I was woken by the sound of whimpering and soft barks from my dog Tess. She has become an absolute baby in her old age and hates been locked up in the laundry past 8am. If she hasn’t been let out before then she will cry and cry until you are forced to get out of bed. And what’s worse, you will let her outside, close the front door and head back to bed, and she will wait until you are comfortably falling back in to dream world to start crying again to be let back in! Crazy Dog!!!

I decided I wasn’t even going to try and get back to bed so I checked my emails, did a bit of wedding research and continued with a bit of study. I ended up having left over dinner for breakfast this morning and sculled back 2 cups of coffee oops. I then had a cafe latte protein shake for my snack, a bit of chicken soup for lunch, and then headed out West with Jarna to pick up Jeremy. We stopped at a shoe store to get Jarna some really cheap rugby boots and then stopped at Warehouse Stationery to pick up a Wedding scrapbook so that I can start collection information and planning!

I did my good 1 hour long walk and by the time we had finished the games were about to begin. So I munched on an apricot protein bar and watched with all of the family Australia take on South Africa. I actually wasn’t too sure who I wanted to win. Although I think if South Africa would have won the All Blacks probably would have a better chance at beating them over Australia. But the Aussies did come out on top and the All Blacks came out with a win against Argentina. I have to give it to those Argentinians though. They played an awesome 80 minutes of good solid rugby! Their defense was awesome and you could tell by the look on their faces they were just giving it their all. Good on you Argentina!

We had mum’s Shepard’s Pie for dinner followed by a healthy berry smoothie for dessert. I am just about ready for bed now. I have a lot of study to get under my belt in the next few weeks so I will be knuckling down to get everything done. I am also going to make sure I do a bit of swimming and perhaps some upper body strengthening exercises this coming week.

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s weight loss challenge group meeting and weigh in.

Lots of Love J.L






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