Day 104: How to involve a male in your wedding plans!!

10 10 2011

Hey guys!

What a shocker of a day. It has been so stormy, rainy and windy, you just don’t want to leave the comfort of your home. And you would think that this kinda weather and being stuck indoors would provoke a lot of study time, but to tell you the truth I actually haven’t done a thing!

Funny thing, I woke up to a prank my dad decided to played on us. I woke up to find outside the door of the room that Jeremy and I were sleeping in a disgustingly large piece of shit. No joke there was shit on the carpet outside my room. Ofcourse it had to be one of my pets. I have a dog and two cats. The dog was bought as a joint birthday present for Jarna and I in 2002. But I came home with our first cat Tigger, which mum and dad were not happy about at all and then our second cat I actually found on the way home. He was lying in the middle of the road and I thought that he had been run over so I pulled over and decided to move the cat away so that it wouldn’t get even more squashed.

Well when I got out of the car he was actually alive and nothing was squashed and no bloody he just looked petrified. So I took him home and fed him and kept him warm. The thing is he didn’t leave and ended up becoming another member of the family. We named him Ralph. I did all of this while my parents were overseas,so they didn’t know about it until they arrived home. Obviously they weren’t too happy as this was the second pet I had bought home and they aren’t exactly cheap!


Anyway when I saw the poo outside my bedroom, I walked past mum and dad enjoying their breakfast and snuck in to the kitchen to grab a plastic bag to clean up the mess before mum and dad found could find out and kick one of my animals out. I went to pick it up and actually the joke was on me. It was a hard plastic turd! haha dad very funny! He must’ve found a fake plastic look a like poo and decided to play a prank on me!

Enough of that, breakfast was scrambled eggs with onion, tomato and shredded smoked chicken with a cup of coffee. Protein cafe latte shake for my snack. Followed by left over shepard’s pie for lunch, a few crackers with chicken for my next snack and a very tasty chicken soup for dinner. I have had my 2.5litres of water today, but unfortunately I didn’t get out of the house for some swimming or walking! I am yet to have my last snack but I am enjoying a lovely hot cup of Raspberry Herbal tea while writing today’s entry.

Now to get on to what I headed today’s post about. If you read yesterdays post I mentioned that I had bought a scrap book to start looking at ideas for our wedding and to get the ball rolling with our planning. Well for some reason, I cannot remember I was in a bit of a mood this morning and Jeremy promised me a treat for the day to cheer me up. Well I have learnt that I shouldn’t use food as a treat so I asked Jeremy if he could purchase our first Bride and Groom Magazine. He was happy to do so, and we came back home and flicked through it together. Going over what dress and suit designs we liked, there was a groom’s plan in there for him to have a look at, some nice island getaway wedding venues and cake tasting advertisements etc. I was actually surprised at how in to it he was. It was great. So it looks like I will have a good friend to go through all this wedding planning with.

That’s all for today. Sorry it hasn’t been too much about my weight but this is what’s happening in my life at the moment. And my exercise routine will improve this week I promise!

Love J.L





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