Day 105: This week’s weigh in and September measurements finally!

11 10 2011

Hello world!

Today I will let you know how last night’s weight loss meeting went. We did our weekly weigh in plus our first lot of measurements which i will add to the measurements page below.

First I’ll let you know that Jeremy made a very yummy breakfast this morning of scrambled eggs with chopped onion and tomato on a piece of toast and a side of weight watcher’s bacon and a cup of tea. For my first snack of the day I had 4 vita wheat crackers with about 50g of tuna on top, making sure to drain the oil. I then had last night’s chicken soup for lunch followed by a glass of diet coke and then two organic boiled eggs for my second snack. I had a chicken curry with a handful of rice, cabbage and a baked banana and for my last snack for today I had some lean chicken meat with a cup of tea.

I managed a lot of exercise today. And got my 10,000 steps finally! I also went for a quick swim and did 50 laps today. But continuing with my review of last night’s weight loss group meeting, our theme for this week was healthy breakfasts!

Obviously THE MOST important thing to do is to have breakfast each and every day. We all realise that skipping breakfast is not a healthy choice. After a good night’s sleep, your body and brain need fuel to get you through the morning. The foods we choose for breakfast can provide us with the energy we need as well as loads of vitamins and minerals to help keep us healthy.

Once that breakfast milestone is reached then we need to think about organising a well balanced, nutritious meal for the start of our day. To get a well balanced breakfast we need to be looking at protein and fibre not sugar and fat. So from now on we all need to be thinking about how to get our protein quota (30g) in for our breakfast meal and how to add  in more  fibre (10g) to enable our system to work efficiently.

Here are some breakfast suggestions- supercharged with fibre and protein – that are also delicious:

·         Scrambled coriander or curried eggs on wholegrain toast – for an added protein boost blend tofu in with your eggs

·         Power oats with cinnamon, quinoa and protein powder

·         Tomato, peppers, sprout and onion omelette – use any additional protein source with this eg chicken to enhance your protein amount

·         Egg , capers and smoked salmon on whole grain bagels

·         Tuna, tomato, basil and cottage cheese on wholegrain buns

·         Baked beans with baby spinach on wholegrain or corn thins

·         Bean patties with salsa and wholegrain toast

·         Soup – any soup with a protein base especially lentils is good for the morning meal

·         Vanilla cereal – your own cereal (Sustain cereal brand is the best) or home made muesli with a fresh fruit serving or a small amount of dried fruit plus vanilla protein powder.


Well that is what we covered yesterday. Sadly my weight went up by 1kg, and I was really confused by this as I have been eating well, keeping my portion sizes smaller than normal and have been drinking tonnes of water. Our leader told me that although my weight went up my body fat percentage went down and my body water percentage was higher, so our conclusion was that the extra kilo I put on was due to my excessive amounts of water intake. On most days I tend to drink between 3-4 litres of water.

So I’m not too happy with the gain but am definitely happy with my drop in body fat percentage. That is a plus! Talk again tomorrow.

Love J.L





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