Week 15:Day 106: Sienna’s visit, Kardashian Wedding and a diff dinner!

12 10 2011

Hey guys!

Today, apart from this morning’s drama which I wont go in to detail about, was a nice day. Not so much the drizzly wet weather but the time I spent with my little niece Sienna. I got to hold her, try and change her but got confused with the body suit, and got to chill with my best friends (apart from one special person who was missing… Teuila) and enjoy a yummy afternoon tea.

Sienna is absolutely beautiful. At first I was a little scared to hold her, but now she’s plumped up a little bit and is such a cutie. It’s a good time for me to start learning these sorts of things from my friends who are experiencing these moments now. Joyce (Sarah’s mum) made a yummy chocolate cake, and had some custard slices and pizza bread out for us for afternoon tea. I didn’t want to be too naughty but since this was a special occasion I had a small slither of the chocolate cake with some tea.

I stayed for quite a bit then returned home and made myself comfortable to watch the second part of Kim’s fairytale wedding. Wow how extravagant! I loved her dresses, the venue was breath taking and everything down to the place settings, flowers etc was to die for! Lucky lucky lady!

I then decided to go with jarna to get some dinner. Was going to have one of those weight watcher’s meals but they don’t serve them after 10pm. Then I went to Wendy’s and asked for an apple pecan salad, and they had run out so I got the chicken breast with out the skin and tomato and lettuce burger with a diet coke. I am throwing the bread away and just eating the chicken, tomato and lettuce!

That’s all see you tomorrow.

Love J.L





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