Day 107: How am I really doing, and are there really any secrets to weight loss??

13 10 2011

Hey guys!

So as you know I haven’t been exercising anywhere near as much as I used to because of all my injuries and because of my new found knowledge of the metabolism,the success of eating well and the weight loss equation that really works. It still feels extremely weird not heading to the gym everyday etc but I am throwing all of my energy in to planning my meals, sitting down for every main meal and really controlling my portions and practicing regular eating!

I have found that my skin is a lot more healthy since i have adapted this new way of eating and incorporating at least 3 litres of water in to my day. Not only is my skin feeling good, I haven’t felt any bloating, and I am really starting to fit in to some clothes that I wouldn’t have felt comfortable in many months ago. You know that saying that those skinny little bitches tell the magazines …”I feel so comfortable in my own skin”…yea coz your a size 8! Well I am starting to get the general idea about this notion. I mean, I am not totally 100% comfortable in my body but I am definitely feeling more confident and feeling a lot better about myself. I know that when I shed a few more kilos, I will be a lot more comfortable with my body and will stop hating on those skinny little bitches I mentioned earlier.

I am really determined to stay on track and use all of this knowledge that I am gaining bit by bit about living a healthy lifestyle, to lose this last 20 kgs and keep it off. I am happy to say that I am now convinced that there are no easy way’s to get thin. There is no magic potion or pill, no magic exercise or strict soup only diet that will help you magically shed 20 kgs and keep it off. I have tried and tried and failed at these fads that come and go, these celebrity secrets that you pay only $19.95 a week for, these dangerous dieting pills that overdose your body with caffeine.

I have finally come to terms with the help of my weight loss community group and my body trim bible that you have to want to lose the weight and be willing to work hard for it! Nothing in this world comes for free. And that is exactly how it is with weight loss. You need to put in the hard yards to be able to reap the benefits at the end. At the moment I feel so fulfilled and content with where I am with the way I have been able to change and train my way of thinking about food. I am not at the size I would like to be just yet, but I do know that my mind is definitely in the right place, I am making better lifestyle choices and am enjoying this new healthy lease on life. I am also enjoying the way it is benefiting the people around me. Automatically when you change something in your life and become lead your life in the way you want it, people will be interested and will follow. My family have really gotten on board with my transition and are making it a lot easier for me by supporting and encouraging me on my journey to a healthy lifestyle.

That’s all for now folks!

Love J.L





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