Day 108,109 & 110: Are we gonna go down in history???

16 10 2011

hello everyone!


It’s so strange to have been away from you for the last two days. It has been a bit of a hard and heavy time, which is why I have been absent.

Tonight is a very important night for New Zealand as a nation. I am so incredibly nervous and scared for tonight’s game. Don’t get me wrong though, I have full confidence in our boys to pull through, win this game and head in to the finals against the French. Last night I was lucky enough to get to the Wales vs France Semi Final game. Unfortunately Wales weren’t able to pull through, and in the end it really were the kicks that let us down.

France won by 1 point and are now in to the finals of the rugby world cup 2011. Tonight the All Blacks take on the Wallabies. I think that if we can come out strong and firing, give all support to Aaron Cruden and keeps our heads focused on coming out with the win we can do it for sure. I think it will probably be a tight game but we can definitely win it. I’ll chuck in a 29 – 21 win against the Aussies.

Today I went for a nice long walk with Tess round One Tree Hill with my folks. I had a good hearty breakfast full of protein. I am using tonight as my free day so that I can have a beer or two and watch the game and also enjoy some ice cream for dessert. After our walk we went to food town to grab a bunch of different veges to roast with our chicken.mmmmmm yummy!

Eeeeek I’m getting really nervous now. Time to start cooking up our match dinner and get ready for the game of a life time. The game that will determine whether we truly are the no 1 team in the world. The game that will see the whole of NZ either down in the dumps or up among the stars. There is an incredible amount of pressure on these boys… I know they can do it!

Love J.L






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