Day 111-114: Boring Juanita

20 10 2011

Hi everyone,


I have been absent the last few days, and I apologise for this. I have been one extremely boring person. I did however go to my sports physician again, and there has been a small improvement with my knees, but I am still in a pretty bad way and have been told no walking at all, no biking still, just swimming and aqua jogging and those exercises that I need to continue.

Jeremy and I have been organising a short trip away to Dunedin, Queenstown and Wanaka for a week. So I have been organising some of our accommodation and rental cars and activities etc. I have also managed to spend quite a bit of time with my best friends Teuila, Ashlee and Sarah!

There is also only another few weeks left of university for the year for me, so I need to get on track with all of my work etc.

My eating has been ok. Not great, not bad but just ok. I have dropped in the amount of water I have been drinking and I think that was because I lost my bright florescent 1 litre drink bottle. Which has made it a little harder to keep filling up my small cup every half hour, so that’s something I need to fix. Also I have been a bit short on funds this week so my pantry hasn’t been stocked with the usual tuna, my fridge hasn’t been stocked with yummy fresh vege, so I have been eating a bit more what the family have been eating this week.

Most of it has been home cooked goodness, but we did have lasagne one night, a bit of fried rice which I know is very bad. Also this monday, the leader of our weight loss group was on holiday so we had a break this week. And I didn’t realise how much I need that weekly meeting and burst of motivation from my peers. So I have decided to get right back on track, starting tomorrow with a protein only day and my 8 glasses of water, so that when I get to my weigh in next Monday I can hope for a good result.

That’s all for today. Tomorrow I am going to a karate class but will only be doing upper body and tummy work, so no kicking or lower body work at all. Ok nighties.

Love J.L





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