Day 115: Pizza and beer+comfortable home+bronze final=GOOD NIGHT!!!

21 10 2011

Hey guys

So I’m sorry but it’s the bronze final tonight, and my parents are heading out to the game now, so it’s just Jarna, Jeremy and I at home and we are ordering PIZZA! We ordered our dominos pizza with garlic bread, we have been chilling our beers all day, we have the whole lounge to ourselves and our going to get comfortable to watch Wales take on the Wallabies in the Bronze Final.

I cannot believe how fast the world cup has gone by. There’s only tonight left and then the big one on Sunday. What the… so fast but I have fully enjoyed every second of it. Not only the rugby games but the whole atmosphere, the hype of Auckland, and every little bit of the Rugby World Cup.

Today I went in with Jeremy to the cloud, just to have a bit of a looksy and make the most of the beautiful weather that the Rugby Gods have turned on for us. It was the most perfect day.I went in to town thinking it might get a bit cold so had a winter cardy, scarf, black jeans and boots. After only about 10 minutes of walking I wanted to strip off, it was incredibly hott!!!

We found a car park just on the street and it only cost us $2 for 2 hours? So cheap?? After the cloud and the viaduct we made our way to the Library Cafe in onehunga for lunch. I enjoyed a scrummy smoked fish pot pie with salad. Jeremy and I then went next door to visit Hylton and her little boy Tupu and also Selena with Ethan. Jeremy is so clucky when he’s around little kids. He loves them!!!

And now we are getting ready for the Bronze Final. I am going to make sure I enjoy every bit of it, down to the pizza and beer. No diet for me tonight!

Hope you guys will be doing the same!

Love J.L





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