24 10 2011

hullo world!

Sorry it has been a couple of days. My legs have been extremely bad. Lets just say I was a little naughty on Saturday and am definitely more than paying for it now. So the past few days have been very exciting. I am going to keep this to a sweet short post as I haven’t done much in terms of exercise and food diary!

So as you all will know New Zealand is now the country of VICTORY! we did it. after such a long hard grinding 4 years, our boys in black managed to bring it home and become the World Champions of 2011 in the Rugby World Cup. It was absolutely amazing!!! I have however been very very naughty, and decided that I wasn’t going to stick to a strict routine of eating. This weekend I have over indulged in alcoholic beverages, yummy dinners, snacks and sweets. But it is all in celebration of this unforgettable, once in a life time, most exciting time!!!

I watched the final game against France at the Carlton Grammar rugby club rooms. We had a lovely roast lamb and veges for dinner, some chocolate coconut balls for dessert and a few beers to go with!

Also today was labour day, and mum, terina and I decided to head down to the domain and enjoy the lovely sun and Kiwi Day Out concert that was put on. It was awesome, free ice cream, free live music, face painting, stalls, and food..what’s not to love. The best thing was the sun though. I absolutely love summer, and today definitely felt like the beginning of it!

I am back to a healthy routine tomorrow, and will be downing a lot of water.

Until tomorrow

Ka kite ano!

Love J.L





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