Day 119-121: The downfall of something good!

27 10 2011

Hi guys!

Sorry it has been a while since we last made contact. Good news though, I’ve passed the 8000 hits mark which means that people are still clicking on to read. AWESOME!

Unfortunately sometimes you hit a bit of a bump in the road of good things, sadly I have been driving and reversing over this bump for the last week. Things have not been looking good in more ways than one. My legs have really gone kaput. Just after doing some summer cleaning today, my legs are now incredibly sore and tired. Even swimming is now getting a bit too much for the ole legs.

I am heading to my physio tomorrow at lunch time to get everything checked out again. It’s starting to drag on a bit now, it really does suck! And just being in lots of pain has kind of killed my motivation for losing weight. I have hopped off that motivation bus and I need to make sure that I can walk to the next bus stop to hop back on!

My eating has been very bad lately and I have not been drinking enough water. I didn’t even weigh in this week?? That’s how bad things are going right now. But I have my next group weight loss meeting on Monday and I am counting on the rest of my peers and that group session to pick me back up and get me going again.

I’m sorry to blab on about all of this but this is really what has been going on and just thought you ought to know. I am going to take the next few days to try and recuperate my thoughts, get back in to that routine again and hopefully by Monday I would have settled 100%.

I am also off to Dunedin and Queenstown next Wednesday so am excited about this little holiday!

See you later

Love J.L





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