Day 122: A cheap holiday and the physio says…

28 10 2011

Hey guys.

So first off, I didn’t drink much water this morning so the last half of the day I’ve been guzzling to get my water in take up, but that has sent me running to the toilet every few seconds. So not that great!

Any way I have a few things to talk about today… sort of non exercise or food related but still good stuff!

1. As you may have read yesterday. Jeremy and I are heading to Dunedin, Queenstown and Wanaka next wednesday for a week. Now you may be thinking, oh yeah more money spent, lucky biarch …  she gets to go off on a break while I’m sitting at my desk working and can’t afford to go on a holiday! Is that what your thinking?? Coz I know that heaps of my friends have said the exact same!

Well il let you in on a little secret…

1. Sign up!

I’ve signed up to email and text alerts from grabaseat, pacific blue, jetstar and webjet. So every time there is a special for domestic or international flights I get notified straight away. In this particular case jetstar were having a massive domestic fare sale. I received an email saying that there were base fares available for $5 per person. So I clicked on, had a bit of a squizz then checked what the total amount was going to be for 2 people to fly from Auckland to Dunedin return including taxes and gst etc. Well it came to just $36 for everything….yes everything. Return airfares for two people including taxes etc.

So I purchased, and chose the dates for the 2nd-9th of november. Just in time for JEREMY’S 24TH BIRTHDAY!


2. Get some friends!

I have a good friend who lives and studies in Dunedin so we are lucky enough to be able to stay at hers for a couple of nights. This saves a few pennies!


3. Sign up again!

I have also signed up to accor hotels, millenium hotels etc so that I am alerted when special hotel deals come up. I am also signed up with air nz fly points, my dad is signed up with qantas as well and he is also a member of the Accor Group.

So the first couple of days in Dunedin are free as we are staying with friends. But what about when we go to Queenstown and Wanaka. Well… First of all my dad is a qantas frequent flyer and had a whole lot of points about to expire. He couldn’t really be bothered trying to work it all out and use them so he asked if I wanted them. I of course jumped at the offer and went to see what I could get for these qantas membership points. There is actually so much available for you to get. I decided to choose the $200 Accor Hotel gift card and a set of 4x short tumblers and 4 x tall smoothie glasses (for my new house…which does not yet exist! Who said dreaming isn’t allowed!)

My parents Accor Membership card also gives them meal discounts and accommodation discounts, and part of their membership is being able to give a friend or family member these privileges on a one off basis. So I asked dad if I could use it. I was then emailed by the Accor group that im signed up to and they had a special of stay 3 nights get one free!

So put all of this together and the total cost of 4 nights accommodation in a 4 and a half star Superior Room + Free bottle of wine + $50 off dining bill on the first night came to = $60 cash!!! It also works out perfectly because Jeremy’s birthday falls on the 5th of November which is the night we check in, so we can enjoy the bottle of wine and dinner discount on the night of his birthday! Woohoo


4.  Sign up to grabacar deals!

I am signed up to grabacar deals which is like grabaseat with cheap flights but instead its with rental cars. Now I didn’t get a car from this website but they do have some amazing $1 a day hire deals! I am lucky enough to be a member of barter card so have been able to hire a car on barter card points. So once again no cash spent there. Barter card also is available for restaurants and cafes and also for tourist attractions so we pretty much wont have to pay for much at all.

So in conclusion for flights, accommodation and car for a week we are paying just $96.00!!! Which works out at $48 each. The only thing we will need to pay for now is gas!


Moving along… I went to the pyysio today and my legs aren’t looking too good at all. Right now I am having a lot of trouble with the nerves in my legs that are connected also to the base of my lower back and up to my neck. Which means that I have been having a lot of neck and back trouble, and all from my legs! So now it is pointless trying to get the muscles up and strong when my nerves are damaged and have shortened. So I now have to concentrate on stretching out and lengthening my nerves, and once that is done I can move on to muscle balance! Blah blah blah, pretty much just means no sport again for ages and ages, sticking to swimming but only if it doesn’t hurt. Strapping my knees everyday. And doing these stretches and crossing my fingers that it all works out! GRRRRR I have the body of an 85 year old its bloody stupid!

Anyway enough ranting on this blog has ended up very long.

Love J.L






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