Day 124-126: Weight loss group meeting, 6cm loss, South Island here we come!

1 11 2011

Hey everyone.

So last night was the first night back in three weeks for our weight loss group meeting. We usually meet every Monday night at 7pm, but last monday was labour day and the following monday our group leaders were away on holiday. So as you all know I haven’t been on my best behaviour over the past couple of weeks. I for one blame it on the Rugby World Cup!

Anyway there was some good news and bad news from last night’s meeting. What do you guys wanna hear first?? Bad news? O.K!

So the bad news is that over the past 3 weeks I have put on 100G which is 0.1kgs. not as bad as I thought actually. And the good news you are asking? I have lost 6cm off my waist line. Totally unexpected!!! I mean i think I m being rewarded for being naughty? So strange! But I’m going to take it.

We were learning about protein last night. Different protein sources and comparing different types of protein. Next week we look at snacking, except I will be missing this session as I will be away in Queenstown. So tomorrow morning Jeremy and I are heading down South. One night in Dunedin, two nights in wanaka, 3 nights in queenstown and then one more night in Dunedin. Were just going for a week, but I feel as if I need to get out of Auckland and have a bit of a break.

Well I’ll be taking my laptop down south so will keep you up to date with our happenings during the week.

Lots of Love J.L





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