Day 127-134: Back from VACATION!!!

9 11 2011

Hi guys.


Sorry I haven’t posted all week, I just had so much fun chilling out in the South Island that time sort of ran away from me.

I’ll fill you in with what happened on vacation!


Wednesday 2nd November

We flew in to Dunedin, hired a rental car and headed into Dunedin to visit my best friend Teuila.

We picked her up and she took us on a bit of a tour around Dunners. We then had a quick lunch at a cafe before we caught the “In Time” movie with Justin Timberlake. It was not too bad a bit weird and kinda entertaining but not the best movie I’ve seen lately. We then went to a little Scottish bar in the Octagon and enjoyed a few drinks before heading to Tokyo Garden for a Teppanyaki dinner. It was BYO so we guzzled one bottle then went back to the flat to finish the other bottle with some Whittaker’s Peanut chocolate. Such a nice way to end the day!



Thursday 3rd November

We woke up relatively early and packed everything up in to the car, stopped off at the local supermarket to get some goodies for the 3 and a half hour drive to Wanaka. We started off with a couple of wrong turns but once we found the right road we were finally on our way. The drive was really nice and we only stopped off once for a quick toilet stop in Roxburgh. We arrived in Wanaka and went straight in to the town centre for a subway lunch. We then found our lodge and met the owners who were very lovely. The lodge was super cute, had an amazing view and cute little lambs just outside. After we settled in a bit we drove in to town and grabbed a few essentials from the supermarket, grabbed a couple of dvds and some takeaway dinner to enjoy for the evening. We got back to the lodge and devoured our dinner while watching this super scary movie about a murderer. Forgot what it’s called.



Friday 4th November

We woke up to the sound of a quiet knock at the door. It was the owner with our continental breakfast, followed by a cooked breakfast just 15 minutes later. I enjoyed a super piping hot spa bath straight after breaky before heading out to Wanaka for the day. We went to puzzling world for about an hour and after going through the different rooms we both felt giddy and nauseous so left to get subway for lunch followed by some shopping. The dress shops in Wanaka are super cool and I managed to find a jacket that I really liked so purchased it. We then found an Indian place so grabbed some food for dinner to enjoy while chilling in front of tv for the night.


Saturday 5th November

We woke up to some more breakfast served to us in bed. Which was delicious. It was also the morning of Jeremy’s 24th Birthday and our last day in Wanaka. We packed up and check out around 10.30am before catching a last glimpse of the beautiful lake, with the sun beaming, rippling water and snow capped mountains in the background. It was the most delicious sight, so Serene!!!! We took a few photos before starting the drive through the crown range to Queenstown. The drive took us about an hour and a bit as we stopped to see all the snow and the gorgeous views of Queenstown. We also stopped in Arrowtown for smoothies.Yummmm! We continued to Queenstown and checked in to our room. We managed to score a couple of free drinks at the bar for Jeremy’s birthday, and because he doesn’t drink I ended up with them! I booked us in for dinner at Gantley’s which is a cute stone restaurant just up from the main streets of Queenstown. This was his birthday dinner out.We wined and dined in a 5 class manor, sipped on fine wine, enjoyed a slow cooked venison dish and finished off with a gorgeous dessert full of chocolate goodies! We drove back and fell asleep watching a couple of movies.


Sunday 6th November

We slept in until 11am! Argh so nice. It was also really sunny outside so we took a walk through the streets of Queenstown and grabbed some lunch. We had booked a 2hour Nomad Safari tour for the afternoon. We did some off road driving up through Coronet Peak which was super scary and then we drove through all of the rivers through Arrowtown and into Mase town  ( an old deserted mining town). We got dropped back in to town and caught a bus back to the hotel, showered up and then went to Sombraro’s restaurant for a Mexican dinner.


Monday 7th November

We had another sleep in and chilled out before we drove to the Remarkables Shopping area and up around the Remarkables. After a bit of driving we stopped for tapas and cocktails at a little cute bar on the main street. After a few drinks it was time for our scheduled floatation and massage. We both tried out the floatation which is a little pod that you hop in to for half an hour which is filled with epsom salt to keep you buoyant. You float on top of the water, the pod is dark and relaxing music is played for you to relax. Apparently half an hour in a floatation is equivalent to 4 hours worth of sleep in terms of relaxation. It is supposed to make you feel like you are back in the womb? Sounds gross but was so good! I then had a 1 hour massage which was so perfect. We went back to the same restaurant we had cocktails at and had pork belly for dinner.



Tuesday 8th November

We woke up early showered up, packed up all our gear, paid our hotel bill and headed in to the town to grab a subway sandwich each for the drive down to dunedin. The drive was 3 and a half hours. We didn’t really stop so arrived in Dunedin a lot earlier than originally thought. We met up with my cousin Simon and he showed us a great deal of Dunedin. He took us up to a few hills with breath taking views and also to the beach. We then met up with Teuila for a few drinks before heading to Tokyo Garden again for dinner. We grabbed the dvd Bridesmaids to watch before bed time.



Wednesday 9th November

We woke up early, packed up our stuff, cleaned out our rental car, had a quick coffee with Teuila before heading out to the Airport to fly back to Auckland. We filled up the car on the way, then caught our flight back to Auckland. the rest of the day I’ve been chilling out and catching up on some tv programs that I missed while we were away. I’ll be ready for a fresh start tomorrow to get in to my last couple of weeks of uni work to hand in final assignments.



Our little break went super fast but it was fantastic! If you haven’t been down to Central Otago I would definitely recommend that you head down there asap!!!










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