Day 138 and 139: Affirmations, weekly goals, and why are we over weight??

14 11 2011

Hello hello guys!

So the last post I wrote was a bit of a downer and I was trying to get myself back up and in to the weight loss mode. I have had to force steer my way in but after two days my lack of motivation is no more and I am ready to punch my way through again.

First of all I think it is super important to be at peace with yourself before making any dramatic lifestyle changes. It is important that you can accept who you are, and what ever troubles you may face with an open heart and an open mind. If you are closed off to yourself or closed off to the possibilities of change, then things will always be at a stand still for you. I am definitely a sufferer of this!

A little tip from my weight loss group is writing up your own affirmation! It seems a little strange at first but once it’s written and you have it up on your bedroom wall or above the bathroom mirror or even on the back of the toilet door ( In my case all three), and you continue to read it every time you see it, it becomes very clear in your mind that this is the way forward and that you can do it!

I have a couple of Affirmations that I wrote for myself and I have put them in places that I go to first thing in the morning, or places that I can regularly see them.


1. My healing is already in progress and my future looks glorious!


2. I am a strong person and am amazed with my determination to be healthier and fitter.


These two affirmations for me are very important as they relate directly to the problems that I am facing but in a positive way where not only do I think, but I know I will over come them. And my other affirmation is about my future. Thinking ahead and how bright and wonderful my future will be allows me to work towards that exact future!


Now I have quickly noted down on a piece of paper why it is that I am overweight. Because it is really important to know what is causing the problem and how it can be solved.


a) I consume too many sweet things – chocolate, biscuits, lollies etc.

b) I eat too much fat – butter, cheese, burgers, fried food, chips etc.

c) I eat too many simple carbohydrates – white flour, white rice, potatoes, pasta, white bread etc

d) I eat too-large portions of food

e) I have second helpings when one portion would really be enough

f) I eat too little fresh, ripe, raw fruit and vege

So many of these were problems in the past and I have curved these dramatically, but when I do start to get back in to my bad habits these are usually the ones that creep up on me. Now that I know that these are my problems I can plan ways to solve them so that I limit them to help me get that weight off!

Every week I will also choose a goal for the week from my list of 50 easy ways to be slimmer and fitter!

It is important not to set yourself up to fail. Impatience will work against you: when you want to develop new habits start slowly and build up over time. Choose a few small changes and work on those first and when you’ve got them nailed – it might take you a few days, a few weeks or even a few months – add more changes!


This week my goal is :  “Eat breakfast every day, no excuses”

So the last couple of days have been good in terms of food and my water in take on Sunday I had a couple of eggs mixed with a tiny bit of milk and a quarter chopped onion and half a tomato to make an omelette. I have tins of tuna so have had tuna on vita wheat crackers for protein snacks and for lunch and dinner I had diced lamb soup with a bit of cabbage and then some diced chicken skinless, boneless breast with a bit of soy sauce and pepper for taste. I have gotten in to my herbal teas again and at the moment the raspberry one is my favourite so I have had about 3 cups of that a day.


These are the things that I have been enjoying over the last day and a bit. My menu will start to get a little more exciting once I’m off the protein only.

I also have my weigh in tonights and waist measurements at the weight loss meeting so really looking forward to seeing all of those guys!

See you tomorrow.

Love J.L





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