Week 20: Day 140: How to deal with cravings, results from last night!

15 11 2011

Good evening everyone,


I apologise for the late post tonight, I’ve been lazing around this evening and wanted to finish off my movie before I wrote. Has anyone seen “The hand that rocks the cradle”? What an absolute nutter of a nanny!

So last night’s meeting was really good. The session was about cravings and I thought I would use today’s post to pass on some of the really valuable lessons and tips I learnt from last night!

So I often experience cravings. Cravings for carbohydrates like bread, pasta etc and also sweets like chocolate and lollies. Believe it or not one of my favourite past time treats is candy floss. And I wonder why I am the size I am??? lol and I notice that I crave more of these certain foods when I know I shouldn’t be eating them, and when I tell myself no! And then my mind goes in to shut down mode and I repeatedly over and over again start thinking about the food I am craving until I eventually give in to my power driving mind and reach for that bar of chocolate, oh and not just a couple of pieces but the whole entire bar…and some!


Terrible I know…what kind of bloody self discipline is that? So the session that we had last night was really good and I am really looking forward to putting some of these in to practise. SOOOOOOO these are some of the tips or things you can do when you are having those mad cravings…


a) Eat some sort of protein. Sometimes when we are craving foods our bodies are actually hungry. When we feed our body protein, it not only fills us up but it stops the cravings for sugar and carbs.


b) Drink a glass of water. Sometimes when we crave foods our bodies are actually thirsty. Don’t mistake hunger for thirst!


c) Go for a walk. Sometimes just stepping outside and doing a bit of exercise can take away our cravings.


d) Read your affirmations out loud. Reading these will remind you of why you are on this journey and will remind you of the rewards you will reap once you have reached your goals.


e) Put on some of the clothes that are a bit too snug or aren’t too flattering and look in the mirror. Often what you see in the reflection may stop you from grabbing at that piece of chocolate cake.


f) Try out a new hobby. For me at the moment going through wedding magazines and cutting things out for my bridal scrap book is a little hobby of mine. Try and find something that you enjoy doing.


g) Do something different. Sometimes our bodies crave food, or we start thinking of food when we are bored and have nothing to do. So stop what you are doing and do something else.


h) Chew on a piece of sugar free chewing gum.


i) Sniff some peppermint. Apparently the smell of peppermint can take away your cravings for certain foods.


j) Have a cup of herbal tea. Your body may be thirsty but sometimes you want something other than plain old water. And a tea bag of cranberry, lemon/green, or lemon and ginger herbal tea for a bit of flavour.


These are just a few tips that I got from last nights meeting. So results from last week are…. I lost 100grams again. And I know that’s not much but I am happy as I know I am unable to exercise, so concentrating on food only is actually such a huge challenge for me. I also had my waist measurements done and in a week I am exactly the same, which I am also happy with because it means I haven’t gone upwards.


Today I cooked some eggs and had them on some whole grain toast, I had a chicken burger tonight but before you start questioning me it was a skinless, boneless chicken breast with a whole lot of lettuce, tomato and on a whole grain bun with no mayo or anything. I am probably short of 2 glasses of water today. But I will have them as soon as I post this up. Other than that I had a good day today, spent the afternoon with my little niece today, and had a nice long hold. Her grandpa came in while I was holding her and said I looked like a natural….yeeeeeeeeeh! hehe

See you tomorrow.

Love J.L





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