Day 144-146: My yummy dish recipe and 1kg loss, 2cm off my waist!

21 11 2011

Hi everyone.

So the last couple of days haven’t been the best. Not in terms of food but in terms of getting out and about, trying to stay busy and active without exercising etc. Sunday was probably the worst day for me, I pretty much locked myself in my bedroom all day because I was just fed up with being sick and not being able to do anything because of my injuries, cramps, neck and back problems…the list goes on.

So my health is pretty much turned to shite…and I am not exaggerating! It gets a bit exhausting as well, just trying to think optimistically when many things aren’t going your way! But I have however been ok with my food over the last couple of days that I have been absent from posting.

Tonight I took dad to my weight loss meeting. He doesn’t need to lose weight but learning about different types of foods and learning about living a healthier lifestyle in general is good for the fat and skinny. So I took dad along today, and it was also my night to make a tasting platter for the rest of the group to try.

So here is the recipe:

– Chop one yellow or red capsicum

-chop one tomato

-chop half a cucumber

-boil 3 eggs, then chop them to add to the salad

-add about 2 table spoons of avocado (chopped up)

-add half a can of tuna (in olive oil) but drain the oil first.

Put all of this in a large salad bowl and stir. Add about 2 table spoons of balsamic vinaigrette for a bit of taste


If your not a salad person this recipe if perfect. It does seem extra super healthy but it is. The egg and tuna are good for sources of protein, the tomato and capsicum and avocado are great sources of fibre! And it is very filling. Awesome for lunches, or a small bowl for a protein full snack!

Now talking about fibre…that was our topic today in our weight loss meeting! So a bit of info on fibre…

-Firstly dietry fibre is the indigestible part of plants.

-It prevents constipation by bulking up the stools.

-There are two main categories of fibre. Soluble and insoluble!

-Low fibre diets contribute to diverticulitis, diabetes, mellitus and coronary heart disease.

-An adult should consume 30 grams of fibre daily.

-Increasing the amount of fibre in your diet can help you lose unwanted body fat because fibrous foods are bulky, filing and low in fat, so you consume fewer kilojoules.


And this week’s weigh in was good! I lost 1 kg this week and my waist measurement went down by 2cm!! So I am very happy and that has kept me on a buzz to eat well tonight for dinner…(lots of salad, a bit of chicken and a tiny bit of rice!)

Happy living everyone!

Love J.L





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